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Topic: Drift socks  (Read 127 times)

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What size and brand do you use I was thinking about getting a 18" dift sock for slowing my roll
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If you are fishing at random over a large area, and donít care exactly where you go, a drift sock can reduce the speed that you drift through that area. I have a drift sock, but find it to be a pain in the butt to deploy on my anchor trolley and take in when Iím through drifting.  More importantly, I prefer to focus on specific underwater features and schools of fish when fishing, rather than just drifting at random.  So when I find a feature or a school of fish which I want to work, I turn my nose into the wind and/or current and pedal to hold myself stationary, with the help of the GPS features of my fish finder.

But itís often difficult to tell what direction the wind is coming from, and the wind often shifts.  As a result, you may get pushed away from the spot you are fishing over because you donít know what direction the wind is coming from.

Here is a simple wind direction indicator which I made from a telescoping pick-up magnet which is available for about five bucks at hardware stores, a piece of PVC tubing and a PVC end cap, a strip of light orange nylon left over from a safety flag I made, a duo-lock snap, and half of a lead sinker.  I drilled a hole in the end cap for the pick-up magnet, wrapped the base of the pick-up magnet with duct tape so it fits firmly inside the PVC tubing, attached the duo-lock snap to the strip of nylon with monofilament and tape, and I pounded the lead sinker onto the top of the shaft of the telescoping pick-up magnet to keep the snap at the top of the telescoping rod.  Itís a fifteen minute project once you have the parts.  And it works well and helps me jig more effectively.  It shows me exactly the direction the wind is coming from, and registers even very light breezes.  If it gets in the way, I can just push it down and telescope it.

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Get a larger sock, nylon type 3'-4' size(they are light and stow easier).Run it from a bow line, throw it out, then paddle up to it to retrieve. Unless you have a Hobie(or anchor up) its the way to save a windy day.