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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Prayers for StephKillsit  (Read 39932 times)

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You guys must have visited after we left.  Right on!  I encourage everyone to make some time and go visit our girl Steph.  It really helps, and it is the one thing she kept asking for.  Come on people, let's do this!

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Yes.  She has memory difficulty and motor difficulty, but one thing she returned to over and over again, almost a plea, was "Tell everyone to come and visit me please.  Even if they don't know me come and visit.  it makes it better.  If I cry it's tears of joy.  This is a miracle in the making." 

OMG.  Her mom and dad are awesome.  They are "us."

Steph recognized Allen when we arrived from across the room.  She had a little stutter remembering me, Bushy, but before we left, she remembered my last name on her own.  Impressive.  She's on the mend, she's only been awake after the jump start for like 10 days or so. 

Most comforting is her sense of humor is already back at 100%.  Laughing at jokes (getting them), telling jokes, making Tagalog fun at her mom. Very impish and so sweet.....


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Hi Steph,

Here's one of your happy faces!


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a short msg to you from Stephanie
my first attempt at posting a 5 min go pro edit....  :smt003

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YAY!!  Looking great Steph!
This is great news to have when returning from Yellowstone.

I'll try to stop by this week or next when I head over to San Rafael for work.
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Great video Jeff!!!  she's getting closer and closer each day! Keep up the positive EVERYTHING Steph!!
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Keep up the good work Steph. We all Love you as well !!!

Enjoying my Family.


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Than you so much for posting that Jeff.
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awesome. Thank you Jeff for the update and video. You're doing great Steph...you go GIRL!!

If i'm ever in the neighborhood, I'll stop in and visit


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That's great! Keep up the good work. Thanks for posting jeff.
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It's so nice to see you up and about! Before you know it you'll be back on the water. Love you girly!

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Yay Steph!  It makes all us NCKAer's super happy to see our sister get better and better every day!  Mabutay!

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Looking good.  Keep up the recovering.  :smt001

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Hobie-Dave and I went to see Steph today.  She is very alert and incredibly grateful for visits from friends. We shared a few pictures and memories of fishing and  NCKA events.  She seems to be getting stronger by the day and looks forward to fishing with her NCKA buddies again soon.



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Steph.  Your fight is an inspiration to us.  It is so good to see
you talking and exercising.  Life will be good again.