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April 25, 2018, 10:29:22 PM

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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Dummies Guide to Crabbing  (Read 6206 times)

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So if your line is leaded, is there still need of tying it down or using leaded weights?
I'm assuming it wouldn't hurt.
If the line sinks and is not a boat hazard you don’t need to add weights.

Got it! Yeah Iím using leaded line and itís under the water. Besides zip tying it I was trying to see how others lay their pots.

Thanks for the tips!

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That was great I was taken away by how many traps where in the  Boating Lane in HMB just last week


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I know this is EXTREMELY late in posting; had issues with compressing the file enough to post. :smt013

This was shared at the Crabbing Seminar we held a feeewww years ago at CCK-Oakland. :smt009

Sorry Frank & Bunny! I know that I REALLY lagged on getting you a copy!!! :smt010

Great tips!

I recently saw a video of a chef preparing a whole crab. He indicated you can humanly kill the crab quickly by piercing the belly of the crab just under the tip of the tail. This supposedly hits the central nervous system, killing the crab. Of course you would then want to immediately put it in the pot.

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