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by Tote
[January 22, 2019, 10:18:01 PM]

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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Prayers for StephKillsit  (Read 43751 times)

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I'm asking that you all pray for Steph.  Or do whatever it is you do to channel positive energy her way.

Steph started having seizures last week.  Here's the sequence of updates from iroelikethat.  Will keep this post updated as new updates come in.

Saturday 4/1 morning.

As you may have previously read... my good friend and kayakfishing buddy Stephanie Killz'it Lopez suffered a seizure a few days ago and has been incommunicado. She is being monitored and more testing is being done. So little is known right now. I just please ask for your prayers for her and her family.
Today is opening day for rockfish lingcod and salmon here on the Pacific West Coast Monterey Day district, it was the day that she had been looking forward to for a long time, we were supposed to head to Pebble Beach this morning for her first time there but with little to no sleep for 2 nights I didn't really have the energy to wake up at 3am, drive 2 hours to participate in today's adventures without her. Besides My head is just not in it right now. I hope that those NCKA'ers who did make it out to the deepblue will catch one for Stephanie🎣🌊🐟

And on Saturday 4/1 afternoon.

Update: her status remains dire. She has had more seizures and is in ICU at the hospital. They have done 2 spinal taps. Still the cause of the seizures are unknown. The white blood cell count is high and it could be an infection of some sort they just don't know much yet. .
Please do continue to pray. 🙏🏼Thank you all for your support.

Sunday 4/2 update.

We went to go see Stephanie in the hospital today. it completely tore me up to see her this way. she had all kinds of tubes hooked up to her she had a machine breathing for her she was unconscious. And restrained so she would pull tubes out etc. The neurologist came and wanted to take her off the meds to see the reaction and she immediately began to twitch so they put her back on the same dosage to keep her under. They are thinking some sort of encephalopathy at this point. But they just don't know yet. The test results should be back tomorrow. When we will
Maybe know more. Her family is so nice and they are very thankful for all the support everyone has shown. Let's just continue to hope and pray that God will take care of her and bring her thru this terrible situation. 🙏🏼If you want to know more you can research it. But I found this doing a quick search. It's so sad someone as strong and outgoing as stephie is can be hit by such a tragedy. http://www.healthline.com/health/hepatic-encephalopathy...

Monday 4/3 update.

I just received word that she has encephalitis. And is getting heavy antibiotics. Otherwise no change in her status at this point more test are being done. The family appreciates the continued support. Keep praying. Thank you all

Monday evening 4/3 update.

Monday night update. Her condition is unchanged. And continues to have seizures ongoing. She will be moved tomorrow to either Stanford or UCSF where she can get better care. Specifically eeg monitoring full time.FUCKING KAISER!! although I have my own issues with Stanford as well you may remember sever years ago when they OD'ed me iwhile I was being monitored. It's totally the right move.. I'll know more tomorrow I'm sure. Dennis or Tracey may want to add more as they were there today. Thank you all again for the continued support and prayers..

Sorry friends I don't have any new information really. Her status is unchanged. They have ruled out meningitis Lyme and west Nile. She got an MRI yesterday and the found a spot on her brain that was not there before and may be the cause of the seizures. They tried again to reduce the meds but she began to seize again.  They are still trying to find her a bed in a better more equip hospital.  We are hopeful this will happen tonight.  But that is what was said yesterday.  Fucking Kaiser!
Please continue to pray for Stephie. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thursday Update, last night she WAS finally moved to UCSF medical center 505 parnassus ave san fransicko..eight floor bed 3. they are doing another spinal tap and more test are being done. she is finally getting eeg monitoring and the family feels the care is much better and more responsive medical help. thanks all for your continued support and well wishes...the room is small I would not recommend flowers but a card or visit would be totally fine if you wanted to...

Just an update for you all...

Sctrace is in contact with Steph's family and working with them and UCSF case management so the parents can get a reasonable a place to stay instead of sleeping in their car...

They are very overwhelmed (obviously) and are very grateful for all of our thoughts and prayers and willingness to help out...

PIF will be doing what we can to help out.

We have 5K available right now, and I just sent over $2,000 of that to Sctrace to get into the family's hands to help them out..

Will post additional PIF details as we get them...



Thanks big jim sctrace (aka deltatrace aka skiptrace) A hulls and all the Ncka family.  Your continued supports and prayers for the fallen members of our community never has ceased to amaze me. It's what makes me so proud to call you all my friends.  I will be making a stop to visit steph  tomorrow in the morning on the way to berry. I'll read her all the comments. Gonna shoot for around 10:00 am. If anyone wants to meet up. Several have expressed interest...the more the merrier. 
What I can tell you regarding her condition is that there is NO CHANGE.. More spinal taps more test. The EEG is showing she continues to have  seizures not visible to the naked eye. Apparently Lots of Drs are looking into it. Instead of one idiot dr.  Thanks again for everything from everyone!!!!

The doctors here at UCSF have a clue.  Steph will be getting a biopsy done today to examine a growth on her ovary discovered with an ultrasound.  The theory is that she has Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, often caused by a benign ovarian tumor.


Fingers crossed that they are heading towards a diagnosis, because once they know what it is, they can treat it.

Fight it, Steph, fight it!


NCKA Ohana,

We were at the hospital with Allen (polepole), Marcos (angelfish)/Tracey (sctrace)/Aaron (pondpoacher) visiting Stephanie (stephkillsit) and family. Super happy that Steph is at UCSF- great doc/ facility/ city.  Jeff (iroelikethat) visited earlier in the AM.

When we left Steph at 4 pm today- she was going in for surgery to biopsy a 'tumor' in her right ovary that they suspect is causing her issues.  The name of the possible cause is NMDA Encephalitis.

Below is a message from Niel (Steph's Dad). He is super humble/ unpretentious/ down to earth...beyond appreciative...

My wife and I would like to sincerely thank the NCKA for the very generous donation that Tracey handed to me today. We are amazed that so many of Stephanie's friends have so much love and concern for her.
I am sure that our dear daughter would very much appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, visits, and this donation. We will use it to supplement the expenses of staying with her while she's here in the hospital.
Len and I would love to meet you all one day...hopefully with a healthy Stephanie to introduce us to you.

Again, thank you all so much for all the support for our NCKA Ohana...will keep you posted!

Team Steph!

dshu- aka Old#7

From Steph's father via sctrace.

We are beside Steph now.  The surgery went well according to the nurse.  There are still slight seizures being seen by the EEG, but if the tumor was the cause, they should go away with the help of med called immunoglobulin

Continued prayers and positive energy!


Hi NCKA Fam!
We will be sure to update you all as soon as we know more. No major change since Friday but the tumor is removed and the docs don't expect the immunoglobulin to kick in until Tues/Wed.
Thank you all for the continued support and generosity. I can only say the family is overwhelmed by how many friends Stephanie has and the incredible outreach.
Trace (sctrace)

I just heard from Trace.  A bit of a step back today.   :smt010

We were told last night that a test for NMDA came back negative, but meds for that will continue.  They are scheduling a PET scan today to scan her whole body for tumors or growths.  She continues to have seizures and are trying to adjust the dosages of the meds for that.


Yersterday's update via Trace via Neil.

The PET scan did not show anything unusual. They did give her a new drug that seems to be decreasing her seizures.


Sorry I got home late last night and was too drained to write this update.  Dennis Tracey and I visited the hospital in San Fran last night and Steph's condition is unchanged. Seizures are still happening when they reduce her meds. The new drug phenol barbatol is reducing the episodes but not stopping them.  they will  put a tracheotomy in and remove her breathing tube today.  The tube is only short term thing. To clarify a previous statement....it was the spinal tap fluid that showed that it was not NMDA, but the biopsy from her cyst is still being processed and we don't have the results yet. they would like to possibly try electroshock next to try to "reset" her nerve system.  There are some legality issues that need to be resolved first.
Your continued prayers for our NCKA  Sister Stephanie is so greatly appreciated. The outpouring of support...spiritually emotional and financial is rapid,immense and overwhelming. Her family so grateful. Thank you all so much.

Short update.  Steph had a Tracheotomy yesterday, as she's been on a ventilator for quite some time now.  This will be easier on her.

She also was supposed to get yet another MRI last night.

Sorry, no updates on a diagnosis.   :smt010

Seems like there are a few people planning on visiting her today at different time.  I'll be heading up after work and will be there around 6:30 if anyone wants to join.


I visited Steph and family last night.  Nothing concrete yet.  The next step being taken is to take a tissue sample from her thigh to do a mitochondrial analysis.  There are several mitochondrial disorders that can result in epileptic seizures.

I shared with Neil the ongoing fundraising efforts here at NCKA, especially Rider's initiative to get CCK involved and put together a raffle, and the amount raised in just a few days.  He was very much surprised, but also so humble and appreciative.

Neil shared some stories with me, including the fact that as a teenager, Steph used to sneak out the window at nights to go cause trouble.  Hardly the angel we all know and love now!   :smt005  Sorry Steph, but we could all use a chuckle right now, and I'm sure you're laughing with us on this one.


A few updates from today via Trace.

$9600 from PIF, raised this week alone, was delivered to Stephanie's dad today.  Great job so far all, the raffle is not closed yet, so buy your tickets and support Steph!

Steph's seizures went down from a rate of 6-8 an hour (as reported by the EEG as they aren't outwardly visible) to 3 an hour.  As Trace puts it, "that's something at least".  Keep the hope, and keep channeling positive energy to our girl!


Saw stephie today. No change other than the seizures have reduced to 3-6 /hr. So this is an improvement. We hope. Her facial twitches are more prominent and constant now. And she was running a slight fever but cooling down.  She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for the muscle biopsy.   Tracey took the family  a check today from the pif foundation. Her family is so very grateful for the monies raised for her behalf. And is every so thankful to the entire NCKA community. We all continue to pray for her and that her doctors will find a cure of this strange and mysterious illness that is taking her from us. #stephkillsit

Thursday Update: Reporting in that Stephanie's Biopsy on her leg muscle went well and the results will take longer than we all want... they are treating her with a mitochondrial cocktail in case it comes back positive.. however the seizures have increased. I've not been told by how much. the lowest we've seen was 3 per hour... thank you all for your continued prayers, support and generosity.

From Neil via Trace.

Steph was just given a new drug called Pentobarbital, and it has stopped her seizures.  The EEG shows no signs of seizures.  This is not a cur,
 but it's supposed to give her a break, and hopefully they don't come back.  In the meantime she's still on antibiotics and various other meds.

Keep the good thoughts coming everyone.


Thursday Evening update:   the Doctors at UCSF have changed her meds to Phenobarbital and the seizures have stopped!!!!!!!!!!
This is not a cure but will give her a break and they are hoping this will allow her nerverous system to "reset" the Biopsy and other text results are going to take another week or maybe. Lets stay positive and continue to pray. I will give another update as soon as I know anything.....as always THANKS TO ALL!

From Steph's brother Cornie, via Trace.

they suppressed the seizures for now under the Pentobarbital.  In 48 hours if it fails then they have to start ECT.  No luck yet with the diagnosis yet.  They are doing a microbial test now because the biopsy test came up negative.  One again I'd like to thank you for helping us out and getting everyone to support us through this all.  Your love and compassion keeps us strong.


spoke with Stephie's dad today.. they have taken her off the pentabarbatol. and are making adjustments still to the medication.. but the seizures have seem to have been under controlled now.... not sure what is next as they still don't know the cause.... thanks for your continued support and prayers for Stephanie!

The seizures are back.   :smt010


yes this is truly sad news she has some new doctors.... so let hope they can find something the other have missed... Quinn and Sara and I went to see her on
Saturday before the Giants Game... we wanted to get some Elmer Fudd "were hunting wabbits'' hats like the one stephie has...
she had begun to show signs of slight facial twitching, then she semi yawned.. we thought that was a good sign...  :smt010

From Cornie (Steph's brother) via Trace.

Hey so the nurse says she's opening her eyes and they respond to movement so not sure if Steph can notice us or what not but supposedly she's supposed to be in a deep state of unconsciousness. We're hoping it's a sign. Other than that she is showing brain activity. She is still twitching​ at the mouth shr is still seizing but it is on intervals. The strength of her seizures seem to have lessened from our point of view but we don't know what's happening in her brain. The doctors say the seizures are focal and localised on the temporal lobe. We have a certified from the judge to go ahead and grant the doctors permission to conduct the electro shock therapy to reboot her brain in hopes it can generate a seizure to stop her seizure. Sounds weird I know but in clinical trials it has been proven to work. So for now we are just waiting


Friends, I'm not sure if I have correctly stated Stephanie's condition. It's being called "Refractory status epilepticus" the treatment that is being proposed next is ECT  Electroconvulsive therapy, if you would like to know more about it and some case studies I have found this which has mixed results.  thank you all for your continued prayers and support for Stephie.


They have moved Stephie to room 5 on the 11th floor due to a leak
They are meeting with the ect dr tomorrow. I'll let everyone know more when I know it.  Thanks again to all

I visited Steph yesterday and things are about the same. Her eyes were open and her lips, brow and chin all had movements.  She continues to have seizures as they have decreased her medication in preparation for the ECT procedure which will happen either today, tomorrow, or Wednesday.   If you believe in collective prayer, or collective energy as a healing source, now is the time to give Steph and her family your thoughts.   Her father showed me this picture while I was there and like most of us, Steph had an affinity for fishing at a very young age.

I Went to see Stephie after work. Took 2 hr but it was so worth it   Steph responded to me tonight !!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it. !!! I walked in and she heard me and got all excited. Alarms started beepin for Her respiratory and heart rate threshold and temp went up a tick. Her eyes were open. Kari the nurse said she has been doing this the last couple days. Diskinesa is normal when coming off the pheno and pento. Versed Etc  but The she and I leaned over her and said  "Steph! close you eyes really really hard if you can hear us."  AND SHE DID!! For several seconds. I said steph. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.....AND SHE DID.. I was floored. I told her everyone is praying for her and not give up. Later I tried again and I got no response. I But I'm telling you. SHE IS IN THERE FIGHTING. They will likely proceed with ect Saturday.  It may take a few treatment so keep praying. Thank you ALL 🙏🏼

On my last visit, I walked over to her and quietly started reminiscing about our event at crab fest where she took a wave sideways  and dumped her gear.  Jeff and I grabbed her gear and got her squared away.  She raised her self up slightly and looked as if she was trying to speak. I know that she heard me and I know that she remembered.  I hope the upcoming Peocedure will give us the results that we all pray for.

Stephanie's procedure went as planned there are no expected results as of today they plan to do it again tomorrow and again on Monday if required. Her 34th birthday of course is on Tuesday let's hope and pray that we have some results by then. Thanks again everyone for all your support and prayers🙏🏼

I got word today that Stephanie's doctors are very happy with the way the treatments are going they are seeing far fewer seizures now. they will continue the electroshock treatments tomorrow and daily as necessary until further improvement is seen. Tomorrow is her 34th birthday. Thanks for all again so much for your concerns your prayers and your wishes for her well being.

I went to see Stephie today for her birthday.. She got her 4th ect treatment this morning. When I was there, about every 10 mins, She seemed to be somewhat awakening for just a few seconds. her eyes would open slowly. And I'd say happy birthday. I'm very sure I got a couple smiles and even a semi chuckle albeit ever so brief before she faded back out. So very hard to see my friend this way.  So thankful some progress is being made.
I took the nurses some cupcakes so they could celebrate too. They are all so nice to her and treat her very welll. ( cute ones too!!) The drs are pleased that the ect is progressively "unlocking" the parts of her brain so that now the drugs can get in and suppress the seizures. She is still having them but they are more organized now. She has been having more prominent facial tweets. Which is also expected. She will have another ect treatment tomorrow. After that, the judge has to give an extension to the order for more to be done. As always Thanks for your prayers for Stephanie.

Stephie got her 5th treatment today... they are going to switch up her meds now and make adjustments to hopefully get it into areas of her brain that it couldn't get to before...
Also I want to mention that many of the updates I relay to you come from Tracy who has been just as instrumental if not more that I have been in getting information and disseminating it. Thank you Tracy (SCTRACE)  for sharing the burden of this often depressing news.... one day we will have great news to share   til then.. ... just keep praying people... as always... Thank you

I got a message from Steph's dad yesterday.  They wheeled her around on her first "stroll" through ICU in 44 days.  She is waking up, but still having seizures.


5/21: I am very happy to report that Stephanie is doing so much better today she has come out of the coma and the seizures have stopped as of 9:15 am today.  She is getting her meds reduced now. And there were no other drugs added. she wants to speak so badly and tried but she doesn't have a voice box really and has the trachea still and the meds are still interrupting her motor skills. She has a chart of words that her she can point to but she isn't quite there yet.  Her versed is at 23 now and should be 20 by morning. So more time is the next step. But it appears the electroshock therapy has worked. She may get a 6th treatment. They are not sure yet. Thank you to all my friends that have prayed for and shown support.  Please do not stop. It's working !

She was so excited to see the Worlds biggest get well card (10'x2.5') and a huge and beautifully polished red abalone shell from all of her friends and supporters from SHELTER COVE. SHULAND , NOR CAL KAYAK ANGLERS , Lost coast kayak Anglers, North west kayak anglers. And all up and down The west coast and all of shuland I will post pic tomorrow it was a long day ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼😴

I got an Update yesterday from SkipTrace  :smt005 who visited with Stephie after a long day of work... It sounds about the same as Sunday but with small improvements each day!  Trace told here to get up, its time to fish..  :fishing2 :fishing1 and she got excited...  :bounce::smt007  keep up the  positive vibe friends! :smt006  thanks your all your love and support! 

If anyone is interested in joining....I plan to visit Friday around 2pm for a little while before the SF Giants/kayakbbq/Mc Covey Cove/ATT Park/fireworks show.... Shenanigans on the water!

From Stephanie's Dad.:Today, Steph was fitted with a speaking valve to her trach by a speech therapist. We were amazed to hear her repeat sounds, and to say her first word...which was "no". She is able to follow commands and to hum. She was asked what kind of music she wanted to listen to, and she said. " Blink 182". The therapist repeated Blink 182 and Steph nodded several times. Her nurse looked it up on the computer and played it. Steph let out a big smile and seemed to mouth the lyrics to the song as it was playing.I h

She is coming back! I was able to visit for a while today. She was definitely excited. She was trying so hard to talk that her mother, Len and I had to ask her to relax.  Talking can't be easy with that thing in her throat. The sparkle she gets and her happy smile are definitely back  Her speech patterns  are repetitive. She is grasping concepts and holding on to them hard. She said on her own that it seems like its been a bad dream. I mentioned the other people that have visited. She said, I like Tracy SC. I like Jeff. Later in the conversation, she had trouble remembering Jeff. Then when Tracy was mentioned, her mind made the connection and her memory and fondness for Jeff returned. This is how it should be. We all trigger memory via associations. I mentioned where I was going fishing this weekend. She definitely knew Pescadero and Bean and they brought her special smile out.  She said, I Love the Bean. I told her that when things clear up more, she is going to be mad she missed Turkey season. She definitely understood that. she said, I love hunting.
Her mother likes to take pictures so I posed for this one.

Saw Stephanie today she's doing much better. her voice is improving quite a bit. She was coherent responsive talkative alert. and her pronunciation is really good thru her voice thingy in her trachea she was starting to kick her feet more. They said she stood earlier in the day. She is off all the seizure meds. Now and is in withdraw so to speak. She had her first real meal. And she ate that all up!!  Still she's having trouble with her memory as far as who people are and things like that. She asked if I was single and where I live and what I do. She was very excited know that I am single and design robots. And live in San Jose. She noted that "single... that's important. The rest.  Meh."  Lmao later she said San Jose is far!  ( glad she gets that) 😂😂
she forgot that she is my fishing buddy 🎣🚣🏼‍♀️🤦‍♂️but she knows she has 2 kayaks. ❤️She doesn't remember me being there before.  😢Thinks I am the first to come see her. I told her the other people that visited and she didn't remember.  😢she became so concerned about the numbers on the monitor they had to shut it off. She is still scared but I told her she  I told her how proud we all are and NCKA too for how she fought to be here with us and she said i don't Remember but I love Ncka. !!  She has a hellova grip now. We just need to get the rest of her moving.  He nurses say she is doing as expected she could be out of ICU next week ? Maybe?  Thanks again for everyone's prayers and thought for stephkillsit

Stephie is out of ICU!  🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️ She is doing better every day. Thanks for all your support thru these times. She has a ways to go but we are all hopeful for a full recovery in due time. Stephkillsit! 👍


I got my birthday wish yesterday. She remembered me!!!! Woo hoo!!! :smt044
She sat in a chair with help but she ate all by herself. So happy with her progress. Best birthday ever!

Stephanie is asking for people to come and visit! She will not be at UCSF  (505 Parnasus, SF CA  room L868)much longer, they will soon more her to kaiser in Vallejo for her PT.

She is still suffering bouts of delusions and memory loss..  (not knowing why she is there and what has happened to her.. she still worries about dying and is scared... This is short lived as she then gets happy and is very talkative... she still has a very hard time remembering a lot of things... like..what "NCKA" is and what color my car is... but she was but she still remembers she has 2 kayaks and cant wait to be hobie-ing again... she also remembered that I live in San Jose and that is very far...

:smt006 HEY Y'ALL!


975 Sereno Drive
Vallejo, CA 94589
Phone number (707) 651-1000

SO ANYWAY DON'T BE LEAVING SHIT IN YOUR CARS.... :smt013 :smt066 :smt067 :smt068 :smt070 :smt071

Hi All!

Wanted to let you know I (and Pondpoacher) have been visiting Steph at the rehab/hospital in Vallejo where she will be for at least 2 weeks.  She is awake, talking without the trach, eating by herself (semi-assisted for opening packages, grabbing items), with a little stutter/slurred speech.  She is not mobile/not able to stand up, but getting regular physical and speech therapy.   

Visitors are super welcome!  I know it’s a haul for many to Vallejo but Saturday or Sunday mornings are perfect commute hours!  Generally speaking, mid week, she has physical therapy throughout the day, but free after 3pm, eats around 6pm, and sleeps around 9pm. 

Kaiser Vallejo
975 Sereno Dr
Vallejo, CA 94589
Rm H3027
(Main Hospital Bldg, 3rd Floor)

She doesn’t recognize everyone at first, but if she has seen you recently, she remembers that, and also, if she has seen pictures of you recently, she may remember you when you visit.  It seems good to just let her talk, not ask too many questions (she doesn’t need to be ‘quizzed’)  but telling her a story about a recent fishing experience, or a story of a trip you had with her is cool.  Showing her a few pictures and asking her “Do you know remember who that is?” or “Do you remember what kind of fish this is?” seemed to trigger her memory a bit.  Just visiting and talking to her is great!  You will see 

She doesn’t remember too much about her life except for what her parents and friends have told her since she has been awake, but she doesn’t seem too frustrated in this regard.  She says she is a vegetarian and a germaphobe now, but is still figuring out to what level.  We reminded her of her freezer and she said she would give all of the meat away, and thinks she may be all CPR now with fish.  So it’s these things, while entertaining, we don’t want to be like “NO, that’s not you!” or “That’s crazy talk!”  The docs say her memory should get better with time (to what degree-TBD).

Her parents/brother continue to be by her side almost 24hrs/day, sometimes sleeping at the facility.  Her health insurance coverage, so far, has been good.   I spoke with Neil, her Dad, just this past Sunday and they do not want any additional funds at this time with so much still unknown, but are very appreciative that we keep asking.  Her brother also has a GoFundMe account that has raised a bunch of money for the family as well.

Thanks everyone!

Tracey (sctrace)

We should all keep going to visit her, it keeps her spirit up and makes her very happy and you will have fun, Craig you should go soon because as far as she remembers she likes Obama. Bring some pictures, she remembered seeing my drysuit colors, when i came in the room she look at me and said " i remember your face, what's your name?" She did not remember untill i said scubaluis then she never forgot that. I showed some pics from my phone and talk for about an hour.

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Thanks for the update , I was going to PM you to see if you heard more.

Steph is young ,strong and full of life , but I`m sure she could use our support..Like Allen wrote whatever you do to channel good things in life ,Steph could use it now !!!!

Thinking of you Steph ,sending Good Thoughts and Positive Waves !!!!
  :smt002 :smt002 :smt002 :smt002

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Sorry to hear the news. Very sad. Stephanie is in our thoughts and prayers.🙏


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God be with you,  Steph.  I pray for your speedy recovery.
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Hang in there Steph!!!! :smt001
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So sorry to hear this. 

I am saying a prayer right now that all the unknowns are figured out and the best Doctors are put on the case so she can be treated properly without delay. 
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So sorry to hear this news.
Sending positive vibes to a most positive woman.
Here's to a speedy recovery and hope to see your smiling face real soon.


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How frightening.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers for healing.

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This is truly shocking news!  :smt010
Get well Steph....hope to see that smile again soon.
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Best wishes for her recovery.


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 :smt010 sending prayer for a quick recovery and hopefully find out the cause and resolve it. Hang in there Steph!!


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Truly shocking. Hoping that this is resolved sooner than soon.
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It's all right


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This truly breaks my Heart to hear.  :smt010  For the few times I have seen her at events and talked to her....  She is so positive and outgoing. I pray for her speedy recovery and Peace for her Family! Please update us and thanks for the post. She is an NCKA   :angel13:

Enjoying my Family.


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go go go and super positive

yup.  that's about it.   Tomorrow 9am.  Everyone.  Group effort think of Stephanie and her getting better.  think really hard.  Let's do it together.  Put it on your phone alarm right now to remind you.


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