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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Used New Ride  (Read 1071 times)

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Make sure to put a leash on the drive, so if you remove it, it doesn't sink to the bottom.
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Make sure to put a leash on the drive, so if you remove it, it doesn't sink to the bottom.

LOL heard that mucho times Thanks Vic !!!


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Nice ride! When are you going to start rigging it? If you want to check my stuff out swing by sometime, or even better let's get yours on the water this week! Lake Sonoma should be good....

The drive is kind of in the way of the widest and flattest re entry point, but it's not terrible to do. Definitely a little more of a challenge than a kayak with an empty deck. I crawl across the seat then sort of roll over and try to avoid the drive area.

Haven`t touched it yet 

What days you have  off now ?  ..I usually have Thurs/Fri`s now , I  have a surgical consult on this Friday midday  at 11
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I'm around mon-thurs most weeks. I'll scout Sonoma and let you know.
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You'll never look back!
The only thing you'll be doing is kicking yourself in the @SS for not getting one sooner.


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Congrats and nice ride V.K.   :smt001
Enjoying my Family.


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im hoping to get into a hobie this year, i've been paddling for 4 years now i want to peddle.
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im hoping to get into a hobie this year, i've been paddling for 4 years now i want to peddle.

I`m still going to get another paddle boat ,I like paddling . My right side (arm/shoulder) is getting weaker.

Soon as I finish some work on the homestead gonna keep my eyes out for one of these  :smt003
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Can't agree with u more Vick I like the carribean also...
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Yep! Best paddle yak.


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Yep! Best paddle yak.
Lookin' Hali ready!  Where's the flag? :smt006
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