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Topic: Another new PIF recipient  (Read 1399 times)

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I got a PM from Pacific (Harry) letting me know that his long time girlfriend Pamela has had Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer) for 5 years, and that she went through 2 stem cell transplants and is currently in the hospital with a secondary infection and it looks like she is going to have to get a third transplant as the IV maintenance chemo she has been on has stopped working.

They have been struggling to make ends meet with all the hospital time and bills, and asked if there was anything we could do to help out with the ~$4,000 that they were currently short.

I conferred with the A-Hulls and we all agreed to help out with a donation of $5,000.

I have let Pacific know, have transferred the $5,000 from PayPal to checking and will be mailing Pamela a check on Monday morning (at work right now and in water tomorrow  :smt002).

Please join me in keeping Pamela and Harry in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully this donation will help them out through this tough time and allow her to get the help she needs...



ps...have attached screenshots showing current balance of PIF PayPal and Checking. Current combined balance after this $5,000 donation is $6,349.68, and ~$1,500 of this is earmarked for AOTY/DOTY, so PIF has a balance of $4,849.68.

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Thank you again, A-Hulls.
Wishing the best for Pamela's recovery.
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Ye's I hope she gets well soon. One less thing in their minds
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I know Harry will appreciate this.
It's been a long tough haul for him and his girlfriend.
Thanks everyone.


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So awesome PIF can help someone to have peace of mind during the shit storm!!! Good work!  :smt007
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Glad that NCKA can help Harry and Pamela out in their time of need.


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As usual, strong work!
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I don't know how we can you thank you all enough. This really helps a lot. Pam is in the hospital since  Monday   with a secondary infection from her chemo treatments and is supposed to be being discharged on Sunday.

Thank You all for your kindness and good thoughts.

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Glad that NCKA can help Harry and Pamela out in their time of need.
Yup, this is an NCKA thing...not just an Ahulls or PIF thing. None of it would be possible if it wasn't for the generous members of our club!
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Best Wishes Pam and Harry. I hope you get better soon !!!! 
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Best wishes pam and harry. Hoping and praying for recovery. As usual solid work A-HULLS thank you for being an inspiration to all of us.
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sending postive waves and good vibes for a healthy, speedy recovery.

hate to see "new'' recipients , but at the same time glad the A-Hulls/NCKA are stepping up  !!!


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Now that Ana is off for summer vacation she was going through a backlog of mail on the dining room table (don't judge!  :smt005), and came across this awesome thank you card from Pam!!

Pam and Harry, I hope you are both doing well, and THANK YOU for the very awesome thank you note!!

Sorry about my delay in responding!!





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Thanks, Jim and everyone who contributes to PIF (big or small)!
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