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Topic: Trident 13 handle repair?  (Read 452 times)

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The carrying handle on my Trident pulled out. It didn't break, just pulled out. Anyone know where to get the parts or how to fix it? Everything I see online is just a replacement handle which I don't need.


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What type of handle, the rigid plastic or the nylon rubber type?
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Disregard. It was where the carrying handle screws into the hull. The metal lined hole was stripped out but a little larger screw grabbed in and I got it reattached.  For now.


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Those brass nuts are molded in when the plastic is melted during the process. Easy to access for the front to change out the molded nut. I can help you with that if you want. The rear handle might be a bit trickier.
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Does anyone know where to source those handles?  Mine ripped on one side.  I see similar handles on eBay, but not sure if they're the right fit.  IIRC, there's one company that makes all the accessories, but I may be thinking of Wildy


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I don't think it's too stripped. I found a bolt similar to the one that came out on the bow and it's holding up good so far


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Just call ocean Kayak they can give you any part you need plus shipping
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