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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Mounting a 3hp motor  (Read 424 times)

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        I got a request to mount this beast to a customers G2. 
      It's a stripped down 503 Torqeedo motor with a high capacity lithium battery, rated  18 ah at 29 volts and 560 watts..   He wanted me to do the install so that it can be swapped out with a rudder for times he might not want the motor.

   This 503 is much heavier than my Torqeedo ultra light (about twice the size)   so I decided to fabricate a backing plate to distribute the load across the entire back section of the kayak.  I fashioned that out of wood and then glassed the entire part for added strength and to water-proof it against dry-rot. 
   Next I had to re-rigged the control cables using dyneema cord and Harken pulleys.     Custom fabricated each part so that it can be added or removed within seconds.

  A lot of unknowns still, we don't know what the speed is going to be.  I'm guessing close to 10 mph ! 

. Still waiting on a report from YAK YAK YAK...  :smt005 :smt005 :smt005
    C'mon man ,,, !!!    Have you put this in the water yet?  It's been a whole week already !!!!   :smt006
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Very cool! Can I waterski behind that yak?
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Where did you secure the battery?  Assuming you run the other electronics off of the same battery too?  I'm about to start on the rigging, I finally got a dry day yesterday to make space in the garage.


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Battery is gonna go in the front hull.  Too much going on, sick and work, i wish i can be OTW instead. 

Waterski?  Probably not, but a tow is certainly a possibility :)

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