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Topic: anybody tried the Hobie Island spinnaker?  (Read 800 times)

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How was the install
Did you use different  colored ropes or different sizes to help determine
,the ones you need at the time

If you follow Hobie's directions, install is easy, like maybe 2 hours max. But I did a few things non-standard, based more-or-less on some of the ideas here:
Mostly, I just added a few extra pad eyes and blocks to better route the lines. As far as the ropes go, everything is included and I can't see any possible reason to do anything different with those.

Setting up the sail (as opposed to the initial installation) is not very intuitive. So I practiced that a few times before taking it out, and even then I fumbled around with it for a while before launching. I think I've got it down pat now and it'll only be a few extra minutes prior to launch.
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Do you use a trailer at Lexington, and if so whats the cost?