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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Native Titan bigger than a PA?!  (Read 1136 times)

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Either this is not a kayak or the very definition of the word kayak needs to be revisited.

First off it's not a kayak.

Native doesn't call it a kayak either. I'd say its a rotomolded bass boat.  And judging from the reception so far online, this is just another method for folks to get out and fish, and they're loving it.

The video I watched of the Native Watercraft guys at a show said "It's not a kayak, we are not a kayak company; It's a watercraft".
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Last time I saw something that big on the Salt ,it was on our Starboard side during an UNREP  :smt002


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I'm all about the performance kayaks but there is a market for larger platforms. If it gets more people on the water its all good. My concern is proper safety on these barges. That will be a beast to flip back over in worst case situation and harder to get on a kayak with those high sides.
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I'd say its a rotomolded bass boat.

Where does the 120 hp outboard go?
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The way I look at it someone was going to come after he Hobie PA market after the amount of success that boat had. It's definitely not going to be the boat for everyone, but I know a lot of the bass fishing guys are pretty fired up to play with it.

So true, there is a boat/layak for everyone. As long as it gets people on the water.

Is a layak a kayak that gets you laid?
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I'd say its a rotomolded bass boat.

Where does the 120 hp outboard go?
120hp is probably overkill....but...


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They just added this video to their Facebook page. Looks nimble for such a massive craft.

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I hate to be in that thing and have to cover ground,having owned a 12,14 pa your legs are gonna get a workout
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heavy ya but you guys know they are going to do there research proper ratios of prop to pedals etc
 as well as it moves out in the video it looks like a nice stand up kayak and as well as it Handles 
getting past the surf should not be that bad
most of what i have read is pretty much everything i herd about my ascend128 which i feel is a pretty good kayak
not a rocket but as standups go very user friendly
i suspect the new release by native will be well received
by most kayaks
glade you made it
now let's get our fish on

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