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***This event is only open to NCKA members and family of members. If you are not a member, please create an account to participate in the this event. ***

Welcome to Crabfest 2018. This will be the 7th year of Crabfest at Doran Beach. Since day one this event has been a family friendly event. The registration fee is $15. The registration and waiver must be mailed and postmarked by 01/05/18.

Date:       January 27, 2018
Location: Doran Beach, Bodega Bay, CA
               Jetty day use area

Camping information can be found at:
The Jetty Campground is currently booked with limited first come first serve space available.

Main Sponsors:
The Headwaters Kayak Shop, and more TBA

Supporting Sponsors:

Schedule of events: (Times may change due to weather)

7:20am (Sunrise)  - Registration Begins
7:45am  - Derby Begins
12:30pm "Weigh-in" deadline
12:45pm- Potluck lunch
1:30pm  - Awards Ceremony and Raffle
                (all proceeds from the raffle will go to
2:00pm- Clean up

Crab Category:
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for biggest Dungeness Crab (width)
Prize for biggest Rock Crab (width)

Perch Category:
Biggest Perch From a Kayak (Length)
Jr Biggest Perch, Kayak or Shore (Length) *17 and under


1) Maximum 4 Traps/Rings per person.
2) No overnight soaks.
3) Kayaks only. No Motors or Sails Allowed.
4)Must follow all DFG rules and regulations.

1) Fish must be caught the day of the event, check in time same as Crab Category
2)Must follow all DFG rules and regulations.
3) The entire fish must be photographed laying straight on a measuring board with either the fishes top or bottom jaw touching the boards end (0 mark). Fish will not be allowed at the check-in table. All fish photos must be presented for weigh-in at the official measuring station by 12:30 pm on event day.
4) All perch species and only perch species are eligible for the Derby.
5) Winners will be determined by the single PERCH of greatest length. Should two or more fish tie for greatest length, event host will decide on a method to determine the winner.

***Rules and times can be changed at any time by event host.

Thanks made sure to get mine in this year and bringing the boys next year for sure!


--- Quote from: DrHabanero on February 06, 2017, 02:30:14 PM ---Thanks made sure to get mine in this year and bringing the boys next year for sure!

--- End quote ---

Nice, well that makes 10 spots left in the Jetty Campground.

Man... the sites disappear QUICK!   Got mine, so I'm in for next year  :smt003

Ariel Sea:
So looking forward to Crabfest 2018 I'M SO STOKED TO HAVE CAMPSITE 104.

I kid, I kid.


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