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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: NorCal HOW First 2017 Event - Feb 24, 2017 @ San Pablo Reservoir  (Read 1792 times)

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big bear

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Sorry guys, I had a family emergency just got back home.

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It was such a beautiful day on the lake, I was able to guide 3 veterans on the water and boy were they excited to jump in and do some kayak fishing. I didn't do any fishing but I was lucky to be able to help those vets rig up different baits and lures on the water and even heard a vet yell "I love kayak fishing!!". Report wise the water color was dookie brown from all that rain,  although I wanted the guys to catch a lot of fish unfortunately we didn't catch anything, but I know the vets stressed that even if they didn't catch anything this is still one of the best times they ever had. At the end Of the day I exchanged numbers with couple of our vets to take them out on a personal tour of the salt to see if we can get into some rockfish and lings.

We all often take for granted what we have in front of us, a simple day of kayak fishing for us means the world to these guys. I'd like to thank our vets for everything they've done for our country, everyone who volunteered their time and thanks to our awesome HOW organizers who puts on these events month in and month out.
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