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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 600+ pics from 2016  (Read 883 times)

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I grabbed a bunch of pics showing my adventures from 2016.  Shortened them to a second per pic, put narration over it and divided it into two vids - January through end of June, and July through New Year's Eve.

Good Times!  And thanks to NCKA members and friends who were part of my life as a waterman and guide.

2017 is off to a great start - here's to an awesome year!  :smt001

I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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Thanks for the compilation of awesome.  Happy New Year  :smt006
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Hey Eric
Awesome year for sure!  Thanks for sharing with all of us.


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Epic adventures! Thanks for sharing!

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You lead a charmed life, my friend.  Glad to be part of it from time to time.  I have shown pictures of the huge salmon I caught with you & Dom in Shelter Cove to everyone I know and even people I don't know.   Great videos.   :smt003
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Very cool!  Thanks for spending the time to put them together, inspire me to go out more :)

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Epic adventures! Thanks for sharing!

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Agreed! Thanks for taking the time to put together a one of a kind vid!

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Awesome video Eric, had a blast fishing with you throughout the summer season, plenty of good times for everyone. More to come this year, I'm sure we'll be seeing eachother soon!
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Thank you Eric, what a visual feast. Now I am fat and happy.
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Thanks for sharing your adventure pictures Eric.
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Very cool Eric.   Love all the eel tributary pics!


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Popped up on my 'Youtube Recommendations' and I watched it joyfully - what a year! Congrats!
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Great job Eric! Lots of good times in those two videos!!!
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awesome pics Eric!

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Inspiring Innovation!  :smt002
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