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Topic: Looking for fishing buddy Friday or Saturday  (Read 419 times)

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Stray Ahi

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Hi anyone going out Santa Cruz or HMB Friday or Saturday?


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Just an FYI but the swell forecast for this weekend is still pretty big here in the SC area. Anywhere from 8-11ft makes for better surfing conditions than kayaking, but if for some reason it decides to die down i'll be headed out there most likely out of the Capitola area as to avoid the larger swells on the westside.


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Looks like Saturday and Sunday are 7+ swell throughout the day.  Monday seems to be improving a little at 4-6 swell throughout the day.  Winds are about 5 kt or less on all three days.

For those who knows the local pattern, will the bite shutoff on those kind of swell (even though the moon is very favorable)?  Anybody?
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The LB Crew and Crazyfisher were there a couple of weeks ago, just before the storm came in. The water looked like dark tea, the kelp is all but gone and we didn't get a bite from the harbor to the one mile buoy all the way to the light house. You might want to try the other side of the bay when the waves lighten up.

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