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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Almost sliced my fingers off when rockfishing  (Read 1931 times)

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Steph, if you snag again (or should I say when?) try wrapping the line around the nob that holds the paddle bungee on your Hobie.

Don't do this. It could easily roll your kayak.
Some wrap it around their fish bonker. I just thumb the reel.
Yup just Thumb on the reel and make sure you toghten your drag.
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/spools off all braid and replaces with mono, replaces paddling gloves with chain mail....
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Steph, if you snag again (or should I say when?) try wrapping the line around the nob that holds the paddle bungee on your Hobie.

Don't do this. It could easily roll your kayak.
Some wrap it around their fish bonker. I just thumb the reel.
Yup just Thumb on the reel and make sure you toghten your drag.

Not when you steer directly away from the snag and use you drive to apply pressure.


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I always have 30lb (used to use 20lb) leader or topshot - only once I had to cut line (ironically, it has happened at last Simply Fishing just before I went in - I was too tired and got too close to the rock, so figured it's not worth it)

I used to loose lots of jigs, but with time found that going around snag and trying different angles usually gets me unsnag. I'm doing hard pulls as well as bow and arrow. Of course, this is if you have time. But this is also how I got my pb 24" cab last month, after dealing with snag for at least 5 min.

As a rule I'm not wiring any lines to kayak after all the stories of catching whales (downrigger is a special case), I would consider lower rating leader/topshot if you can't break off the one you have.

Otherwise - at the depth we are usually fishing if you cut it you are only loosing 30-60' of line, not sure if it's worth the risk of flipping or breaking the rod (or cutting fingers ;)
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Some wrap it around their fish bonker. I just thumb the reel.
Yup just Thumb on the reel and make sure you toghten your drag.
If you put your thumb on the reel of a level wind reel, be sure to put it on the back of the reel!  Once I was pedaling away from a snagged lure with my rod pointing straight back along the line.  I was holding the rod under my armpit with my hand above the reel. The reel started to slip, so I put my thumb on the reel.  The line handler moved sideways and clamped on my thumb!  I jerked my thumb out in time, but could have gotten pinched pretty badly.


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Holey smokes that could have been a disaster!!
I use my fish bonker or the reel as suggested by others.
I have been cut by thin mono so many times, and the braid is about 8x stronger per diameter, treat it like a knife...
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Great reminder to have a knife immediately accessible to either hand.

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One reason I don't like to use braid,I'm one of the very few people who is "anti braid".never ever a good idea to wrap any body parts to braid.on land or water.glad you still got all your digits
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my Mother `s side are commercial fishermen once when fishing with my Nonno I was  young kid about 8-9..  hook and line for fun  even though I was using mono  grabbed the line and twisted it around my hand to work the line...he smacked the shit outta me  and in broken English chewed me out  about getting cut up..have to say never did it again..always use a kill stick or wrap it on the rod handle ( Before I kayak fished) and pop it or just frikkin cut it
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Yeah, time out, not so much....... :smt004
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Yeah, time out, not so much....... :smt004

Yeah the only time outs back in the 1960's ..were during sporting events

Now that's funny!  :smt044 :smt044
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breaking braid line can be tricky. if there's no tension on the line wrapping around a handle a couple times and pointing it at the Snag so as not to break the fishing rod kayaking in ocean involves putting your fishing rod in the soup. in the rivers its all about putting fishing rod over your shoulder Pointed at the snag and walking away from it. Braided is tough when main line is the problematic where your tring To Break. I think I've got all my fingers with braid before and I cussed at myself glad I never wrapped around my finger. that's what the site is all about sharing information. thanks Stephankilst for bringing this to light

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Thanks Steph for a couple of good lessons: 1. Never wrap line around your fingers.  2. Always have a good knife easily accessed on your PFD.  I have a Gerber survival knife in a sheath thats easy to remove when needed quickly.   I'm sure the are many similar knives available.  The Gerber is stainless steel and has a simple locking mechanism in the sheath that requires minimal effort to remove it.  It also has a blunt tip, making it a little less prone to a stabbing accident.

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I always join my 40# braid with 30-50ft of 25# mono so that I can break the line if it's a gonner snag. I also like to have the mono as I connect my leaders or rigs as it is much easier to handle and braid is so hard to handle with your hands when you're out in the ocean changing rigs. Right now I have 50' of 25# Berkley Trilene Big Game mono joined to the 40# braid. When I see the knot to the braid, I know that 50' of line has gone down. I use double uni knots to join the mono to the braid.
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