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Topic: Almost sliced my fingers off when rockfishing  (Read 1814 times)

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Just wanted to share my little story during the Ocean Cove event, it was terrible judgment on my part that could have left me with only the hang loose fingers on my right hand. I got a snag using braid and tied the line up with my hands and tried to let the force of the swell that brought me up, pull out the snag. I knew this was not a safe thing to do but for some reason I felt like that snag could come off with just a little force. Next thing I knew the line was so tightly wrapped around my middle and ring finger that I could just feel it slowly slicing through! As soon as the swell brought me back down I cut the line with my knife that was fastened to my life jacket, using the left hand and broke my poor tiny fingers free from the impending disaster!

Hopefully someone reading this will learn from this, if they haven't already. I am so thankful to still have my precious fingers :)


oh Whoops can Moderator please move this topic to "Safety First" :)

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Thank you all for your support!! Im so glad to still be ALIVE!! Weather on land or water I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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That was a close call for sure.
Good thing you had a chance to get out of it and all is well.
Thanks for sharing your  experience.

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Dang kiddo! That was a close call! Promise you Will never wrap braid around an etremity again! I am going to have nightmares for weeks.  :smt009
Thanks for sharing, Cody switched everything over to braid this year, I am going to have him read this too. I can see being lulled into a relaxed state out there and make a split second poor choice and try that. Lord knows I have done lots of stuff I should not have once, a buncha times.  :smt006
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oh Whoops can Moderator please move this topic to "Safety First" :)


And thankfully you still have all your fingers.  Lesson learned.

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Been there, done that. I had it wrapped around two fingers. On the bright side, it healed nice.  :smt044

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Once upon a time, on a long range tuna trip, while fighting a tuna, my braid sliced through the boat's anchor line. Serious sh!t right there!
Glad you can still count to ten on your fingers.
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Whoa! Thats why I never tried wrapping my fingers, I used lighter leaders easy broke off. Glad you can still ask how many fingers you are holding.
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One lucky duck indeed. Glad all is good.


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Braid ain't no joke.  That's for sure!  Glad all ended well & thanks for sharing the near disaster so that others may learn.  On a brighter note, braid is super useful around the shop for cutting stuff like a knife.  I use it for some of my wood turnings on the lathe to shape wood & acrylics and can attest to its strength & longevity under heat, pressure, etc.


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i found out braid did that when i was tying on leaders at home.  got it nice and tight, but the next day saw a cut on my hand,  took a while to figure it it out. it wasn't deep enough to be painful, but it did leave some flaps to peel and itch like helll while healing. 

im sure uts more dangerous on the water, as your hands will be cold, and the pain won't be felt.

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Steph, if you snag again (or should I say when?) try wrapping the line around the nob that holds the paddle bungee on your Hobie.

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Great reminder to have a knife immediately accessible to either hand.

Way to own the stupid shit that you do so the membership can learn from it and not go through it themselves.  That's pretty great.

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left me with only the hang loose fingers on my right hand.

No bueno  :smt009
Glad you are OK and thanks for posting.

I'm going to greet you with a "Shaka Brah" next time I see you  :smt001
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Steph, if you snag again (or should I say when?) try wrapping the line around the nob that holds the paddle bungee on your Hobie.

Don't do this. It could easily roll your kayak.
Some wrap it around their fish bonker. I just thumb the reel.