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Topic: Kayak damaged?  (Read 665 times)

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Came in from a trip to montezuma today and i heard a click clack on the way in and noticed while tying it down that its bowed on the bottom under the seat not sure if its damaged or unusable. Any help would be awesome.


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It is an emotion kayak. The deformed part is at the scupper under the seat. It has been very hot the last two days you used it. I wonder if the upper deck softened in the heat enough to cause more pressure on the bottom hull.

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Turn it upside down, lay it in sun see if it pops back into shape. I have had my kayak deform in the sun when to lazy to take off the roof, never been a problem, although it may depend on type/manufacture of kayak.
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I have been able to fix that by filling it with water for a few days