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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 2012 Mariner Boondox rudder upgrade.  (Read 445 times)

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Mojo Jojo

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Got the new rudder for TLW's boat Friday and installed it yesterday, no OTW test till this morning....BIG MISTAKE. Got the boats rigged and my son and I carried them down got him launched then I launch right behind him and put full left rudder and pulled the cables right out of the handle jam plate ?!?!?! DOH!!!! Beached the boat got a screwdriver out and got it back together in a hurry to catch my kid and the tide. Mistake #2 not even close to centered ?!?!?! DOH AGAIN!!! It's good enough to get the crab traps set, then beached it again. THIS TIME I'm doing the freaking job right and get it centered and just enough tension it don't free turn. Love the rudder but I found out not to make fast moves with the handle when going full rudder as it pushes ALOT of water and you end up reefing on the handles and cables. The boat turns faster sharper and now will turn in reverse. Fairly simple to do but be sure to use lock tight on the bolt.
No pictures of the oops.

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Have one on my propel slayer and it is worth the extra money
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