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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: New PIF Recipient  (Read 5232 times)

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Brent, you and your family will face each and every day for the rest of your lives altered. But instead of fear and loathing, love and joy. When faced with something like this, one realizes that each day is a gift. None of us are promised a tomorrow and in that regard we are all the same. I think of your family often, wishing you healing and love.

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Its been a while since I have made a update on Raquels fight with breast cancer. There is a lot going on with other members, such as Steph and we did not want to write any updates as she and others were in the thick of their health issues.

Raquel bravely finished chemo as well as 6 weeks of everyday radiation, it was btutal, but she did it all with a smile for our girls. Shes been eating well and drinking lots of water.

As Eugene menyioned above, our everyday lives are altered. Every headache, every pain or sniffle worries us. We are learning to better manage our fears, but we both worry about our two young girls. Kids at their age certainly complicate things and intensify our fears at time. I often find myself, preparing myself for a worst case scenario and the conversation I would have to have with my girls.

Over all were being the best we can be. We were unable to make PIF due to some responsibilities but I did get Raquel and my girls out for a night of camping. Great family time.

Today we are back in the hospital for yet another surgery. Raquel is having a full hysterectomy to cut down on the estrogen and progesterone production in her body, which her cancer aggressively feeds on.

Just wanted to take a moment to update Raquels situation and thank you all for the very generous support.

Pass Family
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Hang in there Pass family!!

Sending love and good vibes!!





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Wishing for positive results!!!
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