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Topic: roll the scupper pro?  (Read 2086 times)

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I have 32 years of whitewater kayaking experience, so I know how to roll a sit-inside kayak. And I've set up both my 13' Trident and my 13' Revolution with thigh straps.  However, I've never tried rolling up one of my sit-on-top kayaks, and I'm sure it's a challenge, due to the width of most sit-on-top kayaks and the height of their seats.  It seems easier just to bail out, flip the kayak upright, and climb back on top.

I think that developing a solid low brace and high brace is real important both in sit-inside kayaking and in sit-on-top paddle kayaking.  It's one of the first things I teach beginning whitewater kayakers.  If you have a good brace, you are way less likely to need a roll, and way less likely to get dumped off a sit-on-top kayak.  Judging from the many entertaining videos available on the internet of kayak anglers getting trundled while going through surf, it appears that many kayak anglers have pretty rudimentary paddling skills.  See, for example, the video at http://www.northwestkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=13276.0 , where a kayaker who is paddling in towards a beach gets caught by a small wave, and instead of paddling and ruddering to surf the wave, or turning sideways and bracing into the pile, or back paddling to let the wave pass by, the paddler lets go of his paddle with one hand, and gets dumped right over.  I made some suggestions in that thread about how to learn a high and low brace at http://www.northwestkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=13276.msg145861#msg145861 .  And I explained my theory about why Mirage Drive kayaks frequently get dumped while going through surf at http://www.northwestkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=13276.msg178955#msg178955 .
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Cant roll. never could. never tried. I can roll over halfway though. That is documented. hehehe
     You just need a coach...   Even an old dawg can learn new tricks !  :smt002
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 You have the equipment and apparently have the skill set. It would be great if the next time you have the prowler or revolution out, if you could give them a roll and share the technique that made you successful.
Please remember that documentation brings validity. Looking forward to your results.
I can really use the help

 Here is the alternative to thigh straps. The stirrups are on the boat that I need to have a solid roll with.
My time trying to roll the barges helps strengthen my skills on the "Strike".
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Did you try rolling your kayaks with leg straps yet?


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 Looks like the Swell watercraft Scupper is finally in production and may be available to test soon. Im interested in the boat and curious as to how difficult it will be for me to roll.
I decided not to purchase the RTM boat and hold out for the super scupper.
I hope its been worth the wait.



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Looking forward to seeing that video.



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Looking forward to seeing that video.

 Only IF I can roll it, but I do plan on documenting the attempt.
That short video is a version of the new scupper that I have not seen.
Thanks for adding it Tote.
Ive made the room on the rack and it's likely that Ill purchase after testing.
This was the boat that I was hoping for.


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After seeing the "upgrades" from Tote's post, I needed to delve a little deeper.  I was looking forward to the simple design of the early super scupper photos but it appears that the boat will have more than just naked plastic.  Im not excited about the adds but they are not deal breakers. I will be curious as to how much the final product will actually weigh.  My interest in this boat is focused on it being light and fast but still able to function as a fishing boat.

I reread this thread and noticed my taunt directed at the pros and site experts.

There are pro staff and others here who talk the talk but I'd like to see if there are any "pros" or "OGs"
who really have the skills.  Its easy to pretend on the internet but not on the water.

Nothing from the promos?   Dunning-Kruger effect here?    Maybe.

Found this nice resource that helped me see what Swell has added.
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