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Topic: Cheeeeeeeep fixed line fly rods  (Read 489 times)

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I'm here in China for another few months at minimum. Might even be back next school year, but that's going to be it.

I've found Chinese fixed line (Keiryu type) rods here for bargoon prices. Not as nice as the made in Japan rods from Suntech, Nissin, Shimano etc... But still quite functional, and the casting equal to anything else made in China that's sold in the USA.

Most will throw a 3号 or 3.5号 fluoro level line nicely. All throw a Tenkara USA furled 13' line easily.  That's all lines I have to try here for now.

The nicest one so far is a 3.7-4.5m triple zoom rod of 80 grams, Only 9 sections, so a bit longer than most Tenkara rods, but not like the Honryu rods that are over a meter when collapsed.

I lost my TUSA Amago while bike riding, after being here for about 4-5 months. I was not bummed in the least. From a fishing standpoint, I had it's equivalent already, that cost me all of 60 RMB. Less than a ten-spot. While bait fishing, my older son caught a 1.25 kg "Chang Yu" on this rod. Imagine a 2.5 lb bluegill, and you'll have an idea of what he was fighting.

The nicer rods are running less than 240 RMB. Under $40....

Going to bring back a stash of these...


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China! Dude you get around. Good to here from you. Chang Yu cool looking fish.
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