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Topic: Ocean Frenzy 9' Ideal for ocean ?  (Read 1481 times)

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Myself and a friend used Frenzys for two seasons on the salt. Fairly calm days only, played in small swells close to shore, which was fun.

Not much room for gear, (we were diving and fishing) crabs a lot, tippy in cross chop and mixed swell. Not very good capacity for bigger folks and/or with lots of gear.

You will find the T11 much better suited to what you asked about. Like has been said, longer yet is a smoother ride in bigger water.

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Well, you already know "NO" but there are some smaller kayaks that are fine for the sea - just limited in how far from shore you'll be able to safely go.  The short length makes them very twitchy in short-period swells, they ride over but don't cut through waves and get to be a handful real quickly.

The OK T11 is a great hull in almost any conditions.  If it's in your budget, go for it.

Am trying to pick up the T11 this weekend,thanks for reaffirming the info on the OCF9'