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  • Simply Fishing: September 24, 2016 - September 25, 2016

Topic: SIMPLY FISHING New Twist pg 20  (Read 25490 times)

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I have had several questions about immersion gear, radios etc. so I want to be perfectly clear about this... You are all responsible for your own safety. This is a dangerous sport and you must be appropriately prepared for any situation.


Registration is still open but we are past the clothing deadline so you would not get a free t-shirt

All registrations must be completed by Sept. 7th at midnight to receive a tournament t-shirt.
All clothing orders must also be completed by Sept. 7th at midnight.

We are past the clothing deadline so no t-shirt, sorry

The theme of the tournament is simplicity... old school kayak fishing. Nothin' fancy, just the angler and his/her gear, testing their skills.

 To that end I am gonna level the playing field by limiting each angler to one rod and reel and four lures (provided), everybody fishes the same lures, no bait, no scents.  No mechanized propulsion systems, no sails, no fish finders, no GPS, just a kayak, a paddle, a fishing rod, landing gear and safety equipment. This years raffle will benefit our own Amos Foreman. As many of you already know SuperVato aka Amos was injured a few months ago by a falling I-beam. Those of you who know will surely know that Amos is pretty tough and not likely to feel sorry for himself. As such it may not be apparent that he has been unable to work since the injury. After a bit of arm twisting he agreed to be the raffle beneficiary on the condition that he not "profit" from it, i.e., he will only accept enough to replace what he has actually lost. Of course I agreed and I asked him to chose a charity to receive any overage. He has chosen the Brain Injury Network. The Brain Injury Network (BIN) is the first brain-injury-survivor-operated, international and USA national, Survivor of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), nonprofit, advocacy organization. (Founded 1998.) This nonprofit organization is for and by the brain injury survivor community.

Feel free to PM me or post on this thread if you have something you'd like to donate to the raffle.

Woohoo! Once again The Headwaters Kayak Shop has stepped up as the headlining sponsor
and once again they are keeping it simple buy offering a
$500 cash prize for the heaviest lingcod.

YeeeHaaaw! our favorite lure sponsors from previous years have agreed to support our tournament yet again.

So let's hear it for LaWanna and Kelly Schulz of

And big thanks to Craig Davis/Ravensblack and Pete Wolf of

And you guessed it our very own Andres Davis/Andy1976 will be providing the irons


Let's hear it for Mike Lavoie/Wingshooter owner of

and let's not forget Jeff and Donald of


Tournament central is at group site one just like last year. Camping is $26 per night, per vehicle, but unfortunately they do not take reservations for individual campsites. If you can put together a group they may have other group sites available to reserve. The cost of the group site is $520 for two nights for up to 10 vehicles, additional vehicles are $26 per night, per vehicle. Their telephone number is 707-847-3422

Fish on,
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Thanks Ruben! I enjoyed the tourney last year even though I had to leave early to entertain house guests that never showed.
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Awesome can't wait!!!


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If you want to thank a Vet, be a person worth fighting for.

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Someone has to keep those damn valley boys humble. So.................... :smt006 :smt008 :smt044
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We had a fun time last year. Looking forward to doing it again this year.


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Someone has to keep those damn valley boys humble. So.................... :smt006 :smt008 :smt044

I'm in.
Thanks Ruben.
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Someone has to keep those damn valley boys humble. So.................... :smt006 :smt008 :smt044

Someone has to make Craig work for his win. So..........   :smt013 :smt003 :smt006
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I'm in. This is one of my favorite tournaments. I will be hosting a group campsite again if we can get ten people that want to reserve.  :smt006
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I think that's the last weekend of archery deer season.  If I don't punch a tag before then its hunt solo or fish with ncka.  I'd probably miss again anyway so count me in.
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I am in! And Sam should have a healed finger and be fishing for this one. Sorry she won't be able to help, but you can use our table again  :smt003
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I'm definitely in!  Had a great time last year.
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I really hope I can make this.
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Someone has to keep those damn valley boys humble. So.................... :smt006 :smt008 :smt044

Someone has to make Craig work for his win. So..........   :smt013 :smt003 :smt006

Do guys over 62 get a handicap this year?? hehehe
"I always entertain great hope" Robert Frost