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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Classic or Rare Old Fly Reels  (Read 1172 times)

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HAHA!! I dont think the reel would fit up there :smt044
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Always wished I would've gotten into flyfishing.  My Dad was all about it.

Awesome, have any old Perfects? I thumbed through that book at a fly fishing show once, very cool. Nothing like the hardy click/pawl sound. 4" Perfect prices went through the roof with all the spey casters now. I have a 4" Bougle for my spey rods, a couple of  Marquis 10's from the 80's and a Sage 508 made by Hardy, love clickers. Had a Winston green 4" Farlex made for me so that pre-war Perfect with the 1912 check is going to have to wait a while.
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That's a cool reel, and Medalist aficionados like the round guides for sure. But don't plan on retiring on the proceeds from its sale.  I can't tell from your pictures, but does it have the spool arbor, or the sculptured pillar arbor? If the latter, then you might realize a little over a hundred from its sale. If the former, then more likely less than the hunski. Collectors that pay the high prices like minty, in box reels. Yours has been well loved, dropping its dollar value, though increasing its personal value.

As for cool old reels, well I do have something similar to yours. A pre '39 1494, and possibly even one from the first couple of years of production. It only has a single pawl, vs 2. And of course the pillar arbor.  But I'm about 7000 miles from home, so no pictures  :smt009