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Topic: Foodsaver Titanium Deal  (Read 106 times)

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For those of you wanting a better food saver there is one on Woot.com right now for $199 which is half off of other sites. 

We have the games saver model under this one and was going to upgrade at some point and decided to just get it now that it's on sale. 

This one can handle bags up to 15" and has a larger sealing band for better seals.  Going to put our old one in the RV.  This one also claims to be able to seal 100 items at a time.  Our other one started to get hot after about 10 times even though it says it shouldn't get hot until 25 uses in a row. 

Also Amazon now owns woot so if you have an Amazon account you can just sign on with that account.  Shipping is $5 and they do charge tax.

The only thing I recommend for those new to sealing stuff is if it is a high moisture items pat the moisture off or put in freezer for a little bit before sealing or the vacuum will suck the moisture into the chamber and not seal as good as it should.
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