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Topic: kraken rudder  (Read 524 times)

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I just installed a rudder on my kraken and triedit out today. As soon as I tried to use it a cable came out of the rudder and went back into the cable guide in the kayak. For some reason I couldn't push it back through the cable guide. So I pulled it all the way  back out to see what  was going on and found the cable is frayed. So I trimmed it a little but can't get it back through because it's still a little frayed. Does someone got any good advice on getting the cable through the cable guide or do I have to get a brand new cable?


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I use the cable guide for my anchor trolly. I pushed a smaller string through and taped it to a bigger srting and pulled them both back. I had some fairly stiff small diameter para cord from Lowes.

     Do you find the rudder helpful at all, I was looking to order one when I picked up my Kraken. There happened to be a Jackson rep at the store and he recommended against it. I have yet to wish I had one but frequently do the "where can I lose some weight" inspection.


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There' a special tool used for cutting wire rope cable..     With out it, you'll need a very sharp cutter ( sheet metal shear ).  Wrap some masking tape around the cable where you make the cut.     If you have time,  dip the end of the cable into some varnish, or glue, epoxy.  anything to bond the strands without building up too much thickness.

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your local bicycle shop will have the tool to cut the cable. They will most likely do it for free!
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Put a single wrap of masking tape around it. Lube it with some dish soap and try again.
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