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  • Gimme Shelter X: May 21, 2016

Topic: GSX - Whale Video - Page 46  (Read 48089 times)

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Registration is now closed for Gimme Shelter.  198 of us will participate in the tournament, and many family and friends will be there to enjoy the Cove with us.

Last year well over a thousand dollars in cash prizes were awarded to top finishers in the competition.  It was fun to try that format, but this year I'm going away from focusing on the competition.  For me this event is about family and friends getting together in a world class setting to enjoy the sport and each other.  I'm offering the usual goodie bag with t-shirt and the same old quirky trophies for top finishers, and the only prize to be awarded for the fishing competition will be the Grand Prize of a guided trip through my guide service (LoletaEric.com).

The raffle benefiting club charities will be held again, and I will have 2 new kayaks in that raffle.  Each tournament participant gets an entry toward each kayak, and non-participants can buy tickets to put toward one of the kayaks.  If someone wins more than one kayak they must give it away on the spot.  Also, if someone wins a kayak in the raffle and wishes to give it away they get a free guided trip.  We want to see the new kayaks go to people who will use them.  I'm stoked to announce that Big Jim Russell has agreed to run the raffle for me again, and proceeds will be awarded to PIF and another club charity to be announced right after the raffle.

There are some changes and clarifications on the Rules and Schedule sheets - it's 2 pages now...  Please familiarize yourself with all of it.  A notable change for sure is that foul weather may lead me to cancel the competition, but we'll go on with the potluck and award all prizes/trophies/raffle items.  There will be no refunds after the registration deadline of April 20th (postmarked by that date), even if foul weather brings about cancellation of the competition.  It's never happened, but we always have to be ready for it.

I have much to say about this event and what it means to me, so as I continue to update this post with the paid roster and raffle item news...etc., I'll also take plenty of opportunities to push my vibe through writings, photos and videos from past events.

Thank you for your understanding and enthusiasm.  I hope to see you at Shelter Cove.  Let the thread unfold.   :smt001

I'll update raffle and paid roster on this post.

Raffle items so far

- Malibu X-13 (only tournament participants are entered)
- Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 with rudder (anyone can buy a ticket at the potluck)
- Odyssey Angler paddle
- Professionally Guided Trip with Bushy in Monterey Bay Area
- Oldgrowth Redwood Trophy Trough by Abking
- Custom handmade gaff by Piscean Artworks
- Aqua-Bound paddle
- Abu Garcia reel from Roger Shu
- Wild Mushroom Gift Basket, Cookbook and Guided Shroom Trip with Dylan Taube!
- Aqualung Dive Knife from Jef Brewer of Pacific Outfitters in Ukiah
- Salmon rod and reel from anonymous donor
- Free night and discounted extended stay at The Tides Inn from Eric and Verna Kaai
- New Surf To Summit seat / leash / straps
- Gift basket from Mad River Tackle
- 2 pack of Cobra waterproof VHF radios
- Custom Bamboo Gaff by Khanh Customs
- Basic Lowrance Fishfinder including transducer
- 2 Kokatat PFD's - Adult Large/XL
- Stainless Steel Crab Pot from Kayak Greg Mouton

GSX Paid Roster

Alderman, Tom – M Shirt, Flat Cap
Anderson, Cheylee – M Shirt
Anderson, Evan – XL Shirt
Anderson, Shannon – L Shirt, Standard Cap
Angler, Dan – L Shirt, L Hood
Aquino, Ferdinand – M Shirt, Standard Cap
Arthur, Tom – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Arthur, Tommy – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Artwohl, Bill – XL Shirt
Baker, Kenny – L Shirt, L Hood, Standard Cap
Banionis, Tomas – XXL Shirt
Barker, Matt – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Thursday Trip
Barker, Ryan – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood, Standard Cap, Thursday Trip
Batt, David – XL Shirt, XL LS Black, Standard Cap
Belli, Domenic – L Shirt, L Hood
Bennett, Martin – XL Shirt
Bennion, Jim – M Shirt
Bland, Andrew – M Shirt
Bray, Rob – L Shirt
Brewer, Jef – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Brockman, Cody – L Shirt, L Hood
Brockman, David – XL Shirt
Brockman, Rich – XXL Shirt
Bunker, Doug – XL Shirt, XL Add’l Shirt
Calvert, John – XL Shirt, XL LS White, Standard Cap, Friday Trip
Cameron, James – M Shirt, Standard Cap
Cao, Dan – L Shirt
Carey, Maxing – L Shirt
Carraher, Craig – XL Shirt, Flat Cap and Standard Cap
Charles, Gary – XL Shirt
Chasey, Lloyd – XL Shirt, XL LS Black
Chatelain, Nick – XL
Cheng, David – XL Shirt
Cheng, Larry – L Shirt
Chiu, Tony – M Shirt, M Black LS
Chow, Elaine – S Shirt
Clark, Bret – XXL Shirt
Cleveland, Jeremiah - XL Shirt, Flat Cap
Crotty, Loren – XL Shirt
Dang, Tim – M Shirt, add’l M Shirt
Daniel, Paul – L Shirt
Davies, Jeff – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood
De Lange, Tommy – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Dickinson, Don – L Shirt, XL GS5
Dilbeck, Michael – XL Shirt
Duffy, Tim – L Shirt, M LS White, L LS Black, Standard Cap, Friday trip
Dye, Ken – XL Shirt, Thursday trip
Easter, Brandi – L Shirt, L Hood
Engleton, Jeff – 3XL Shirt
Esquivez, Sergio – L Shirt
Fechter, George – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap
Flood, Brian – L Shirt
Foreman, Amos – XXL Shirt, XS Gyo
Freitas, Bret – XXL Shirt
Fung, Jon – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Gasparino, Dan – XL Shirt
Gerstein, Bob – XL Shirt, L Black T, L Gyo
Gonzalez, Jose – L Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap
Gosciminski, Jim – XXL Shirt, XXL Black LS, Flat Cap
Greenwell, Glenn – XXL Shirt
Greevy, Hoala – XL Shirt
Hansen, Jens – M Shirt, Standard Cap
Harada, David – XL Shirt
Harrison, Scott – XL Shirt
Havemann, John – XXL Shirt
Hayes, Justin – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Heitman, Jerry – L Shirt
Hernandez, Luis – XL Shirt, L add’l Shirt, Flat Cap
Hobbs, Martin – L Shirt
Hofer, Kevin – XL Shirt
Holder, Jonny - XL Shirt, Flat Cap
Hopperstad, Amy – S Shirt
Huante, Francisco – XL Shirt
Huston, Ryan – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood
Huston, Travis – 3XL Shirt, 3XL White T, 3XL LS White, 3XL Hood
Jackson, Jim – XL Shirt
Jay, Shannon – L Shirt
Johnson, Bill – XL Shirt
Johnson, Forrest – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood, Standard Cap
Johnson, Kevin – M Shirt
Johnson, Laura – L Shirt
Julian, Andrew – M Shirt
Jung, Won – L Shirt, Standard Cap
Kaai, Eric – XXL Shirt, S Hood
Kaber, Doug – L Shirt, L Black LS, Standard Cap
Kaji, Amber – M Shirt
Kaji, Isao – L Shirt, Flat Cap
Kangrga, Mike – XXL Shirt, XXL Black LS, XXL Hood, XXL LEGS Shirt
Keane, John – XXL Shirt
Kelly, Kevin – L Shirt
Kelly, Martin – XL Shirt
Kennedy, Mike – XXL Shirt, Friday Trip
Kim, John – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Flat Bill Cap, GS9 Shirt
King, Ryan – L Shirt, L Hood, Flat Cap
Kingstrom, Jeremy – XXL Shirt
Kingstrom, Sarah – M Shirt
Knoles, Rob – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Koons, Adam – XL Shirt, XL Black T, XL Hood
Kuhl, Pat – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Lavoie, Mike – L Shirt
Lawson, Alan – L Shirt, Add’l XL Shirt
Ledesma, Ruben – L Shirt, Flat Cap
Lee, Mark – XL Shirt, add’l M Shirt, XL Hood, M Gyo, Standard Cap
Leepin, Allen – XL Shirt, 2x XL White LS, XL Hood
Maez, Daniel – L Shirt, XL Hood, BOTH Caps
Marroquin, Marcos – XL Shirt
Martin, Jim – L Shirt
Martin, Russ – L Shirt, L white LS, Standard Cap
Martin, Steven – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Martin, William – L Shirt
Masson, Dustin – L Shirt, Standard Cap
Mayes, Chris – L Shirt
Mayes, Matt – XL Shirt, L LS Black
McNeil, Brad – XL Shirt, XL LS White, XL Hood
Meredith, Boyce – L Shirt
Monte, Kyle – L Shirt
Mouton, Greg – XL Shirt
Nagel, Annie – S Shirt
Nakashima, Marco – M Shirt
Nelson, Gabe – XXL Shirt
Nelson, Matt – XL Shirt
Ng, Herbert – XL Shirt
Nguyen, Keith – L Shirt, L Hood
Nguyen, Sonny – L Shirt
Novelozo, Tony – L Shirt
Nunes, Frank – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap
Ocampo, Erwin – L Shirt, L Hood
Paoli, Giovanni – XL Shirt
Pascual, Cameron – L Shirt
Patz, John – XL Shirt, 2x Standard Caps
Peters, Aaron – L Shirt
Pham, Kiet – L Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap
Pham, Tuan – L Shirt, L Hood, Flat Cap
Pickle, Brandon – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood, Standard Cap
Pickle, Byron – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap
Pool, Jim – XL Shirt, XL Hood, M Hood
Pratt, James – XXL Shirt
Price, Chad – L Shirt, Standard Cap, L Guide Shirt
Puertas, Daniel – M Shirt, L LS Black, Thursday Trip
Quinton, Josh – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Flat Cap
Renger, Allan – L Shirt, Flat Cap
Renger, Colby – M Shirt
Revelo, Antonio – XL Shirt, XL hood
Reyes, Herb – L Shirt
Roberts, Chuck – XL Shirt, XL Hood
Roberts, Eric – XL Shirt, XXL Hood, Standard Cap
Roberts, Lexi – M Shirt, M Hood
Romero, Luis – XXL Shirt, XXL LS White
Royston, Dave – L Shirt
Russell, Jim – XXL Shirt, XXL Hood
Sanchez, Allan – L Shirt
Santos, Rey – L Shirt
Sapp, Michael – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Standard Cap, XL LEGS Shirt
Saufferer, Ron – XL Shirt
Saufferer, Terry – 3XL Shirt
Schulz, Henna – S Shirt
Sciucchetti, Pete – XL Shirt
Scriven, Joe – L Shirt, L Gyo
Sherman, Brad – XXL Shirt
Shippey, Raydon – L Shirt, S LS Black, S Gyotaku
Shu, Dennis – L Shirt, L LS Black, 2 L Gyotaku
Shu, Roger – L Shirt
Siepert, Bryan – XXL Shirt, Standard Cap, Friday Trip
Sigala, Alex – XXL Shirt, XXL LS Black
Siler, Michael – XL Shirt
Silva, Dave – XXL Shirt, L Black T, Standard Cap
Silva, Jon – L Shirt
Smith, Jeff – XXL Shirt
Sprague, Austin – XL Shirt, XL LS Black, XL Hood
Stockwell, Eric – XL Shirt, XL Hood, Flat Cap, L LS Black, L LS White
Taft, Tom – XXL Shirt
Takagi, Brian – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Takagi, Steve – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Tanagon, Jason – XL Shirt
Taube, Dylan – XL Shirt
Tibbet, Michael – XL Shirt
Tindal, Adrienne – XL Shirt (V Neck?), S Gyotaku
Torske, Brandon – L Shirt, XL Hood
Turntine, Garret – XL Shirt, Add’l XL Shirt, XL Hood, XL Gyo, Standard Cap
Van Arsdale, Aaron – M Shirt, M LS White/Black?
Vanhorn, Fred – XL Shirt, M LS Black
Varenchik, Darrell – XL Shirt
Velho, Joe – XL Shirt, XL Hood, XL LEGS
Voss, Joe – XXL Shirt, XL Hood, Friday Trip
Wallace, Brian – XL Shirt, M Black T, XL Hood
Walsmith, Ross – M Shirt, M LS Black
Wang, Tim – XL Shirt, XL LS White
Whisenhunt, Matt – XL Shirt
Whitford, William – XXL Shirt
Whiting, Jack – XL Shirt, XL Hood, 2 Standard Caps
Wilson, Greyson - M Shirt, M Hood
Wirt, William – XL Shirt
Woolworth, Victor – XXL Shirt, XXL Black LS, Flat Cap
Yamagata, Michael – XL Shirt, Standard Cap
Yoshihara, Earl – XL Shirt
Yu, Ben – XL Shirt
Yu, Ernest – L Shirt
Ziomek, Tracey – L Shirt
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2 Pages??  Come on, we don't got time for that!!   :smt044

Can't wait, my registration will be going out soon!
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Thank you Eric. We will have a great time as usual at "The Cove". Less competition and more fun. I'm all for it these days.
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My favorite event  :smt007
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Sweet, we are looking forward to another year at the cove. We are planning on staying a couple more nights this year.
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Everything you could want in a Lost Coast kayak vacation :smt001
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Awesome Eric!  Looking forward to it.


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Can't wait!  One of the best gatherings of the year!
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Right on Eric & thank you. Got my vacation time approved by my new boss today......I'm in!   :smt001


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Well this was easy, I never made it past the first page.  I haven't bought a kayak yet, (Wednesday hopeful), have never fished off of a kayak, have only been on a sot kayak in the ocean once, no wetsuit yet, limited gear for salt, have never participated in a past Gimme Shelter event and don't have a sponsor.

I got to start somewhere
Can I just show up  :smt006
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In of course.  Oysters on Friday night will happen again, I'll make a thread as time comes closer.  Looking to source kumos and pacifics this year.

Hike and dive or hike and hike - It will be close to the full moon (May 21) and I'll be gauging interest for a shuttle hike starting very early (think 3am) to hike down Buck Mtn by moonlight and meet the hikers from shelter cove at the dive spot.  Its an amazing nighttime hike under a full moon and clear conditions and you can see forever.  Must see to believe, it's incredible.

Can I just show up  :smt006


Your best plan is to not suck as a person, make a couple hookups in your area and find someone to sponsor you.  Shelter cove can be unforgiving.  Eric, Dbradfield and I got in some nastiness last year that a new ocean paddler should not have to experience, and that was on a day forecast for calm with winds < 5kts.


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Quote from: lightfoot
Can I just show up  :smt006

Absolutely, but don't sell yourself short.  Get your yak and other gear, get some experience on the salt, make sure you're comfortable with the sport and the ocean, and getting a sponsor is the easy part.

This is Shelter Cove:
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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Looking forward to this event.  Got my reservations at the Beachcomber Inn.
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In of course.  Oysters on Friday night will happen again, I'll make a thread as time comes closer.  Looking to source kumos and pacifics this year.

I'm in site 7 again and ready to host there if you want.  Great time last year!  WOOT!!