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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Sunday Dec. 26  (Read 1101 times)

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Hi Guys,

Joseph would like to go fishing on this date.  I was thinking of San Luis (the main lake---if it is not too windy) or the Forebay.  Or, we might just go to Del Valle or Shadow Cliffs.

I will keep you guys updated on where and when.



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Would love to but I am going to be in sunny Florida!! Hopefully going to have some time to fish but it will be time to spend with the outlaws.


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Hey Bill....tell you what....I'll buy you the ONE-WAY ticket to Florida.  :smt019

Ken, if I'm not scheduled to work on Sunday - :busy  I'll join you.

Happy Holidays to all....(you too Bill)  :smt002  :smt114


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Talked to Joseph and he would like to fish the Main Lake at San Luis.  We plan on meeting at the Rotten Robbie's in Santa Nella (Hwy 33 & 5) at 6:30am.

If anyone else goes....please pay the $6 day use fee.  Better, than getting a $64 ticket when you get back to your car.