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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Drowning at Lake Del Valle  (Read 1383 times)

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Love Boat

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f'ing sad.  A little h20 over the bow, every mfer for they self.  Some team building exercise . . . 


Lawsuit(s) coming, no doubt.


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That is very very sad.a pfd would've saved his life
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Did I read that right?  7 people in a 14' aluminum boat?  Sad news.


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Unfortunately it was seven other people, so eight total. Very unfortunate.
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f'ing sad.  A little h20 over the bow, every mfer for they self.  Some team building exercise . . . 


Lawsuit(s) coming, no doubt.

If that's one of those renter skiff you rent out I think they exceeded the limit. 8 people?  lawsuit? it's their fault. a little h20 with that many occupant will sink fast.
 it's like a sit in kayak no? how can you sit that many and be comfortable? pretty soon they will make you sign a waiver to rent out boats if not already.
it's sad nonetheless.


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Sad news for sure.  This was a team building exercise that failed. When the boat sank it was every man for themselves.
It shocking that if you don't know how to swim, why be on the water, and why no PFD.

This was something that could have been avoided.  8 people on a 14' boat...  4 would be a tight fit.


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I just can't imagine. 8 people. I have used that boat and it would have been terrible with four. Eight....

I was in SWS the other day and saw one of those boats with 6 people in it. Cramped. But they all wore life jackets at least.
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Sad to hear... seems very preventable...  There is a guy at my datacenter that works for that company.  Will see if he knows anything more about it.


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  Glad to not be part of that team!
Sounds like not one of the people on that event had any idea of the unexpected dangers that were present, and none were very water smart.  What I mean by that is, although some of them knew how to swim, most of them probably never been to or gone to any lakes in their pasts.  (Swimming in a pool)
  I hope the lake personnel that rented the boat explained some rules to them?  If so, apparently they ignored them, with consequences.

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This group had been wine tasting throughout the day and then continued to drink while at the lake. 

Sad part is they could have walked back on short flat trail from where they were partying but chose to pack into a tiny boat. 



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Crazy, feel bad for all involved...but definitely preventable 


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