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Topic: (moved) Please help. Kayak just washed ashore at Albion  (Read 4406 times)

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Any closure on this one?


  • I swear it was this big!
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On a side note, I found out WHY they were drilling holes in the kayak. My son's took on water this weekend, and pulling that thing up onto dry land was a CHORE! The scrambler isn't easy to drain, and they may not know how to drain one anyway, so a few relief holes is a fast easy way especially if they have the tools handy. I was glad that my son had the experience of taking on water in an area where it was relatively safe. He got to experience the instability of the yak full of water-I have not had that experience yet. Now, he will know what to expect in the event that it happens again.

I am hoping this is just a lost kayak, and we dont have a lost soul. I have not heard a word lately either on this one.
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Seems like it would be worth posting fliers in the neighborhood near the river. "FOUND KAYAK!"

If someone's just missing a kayak, they might not necessarily be checking with the fire department...