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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Attention Fishnerds! Can you ID?  (Read 853 times)

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Sin Coast

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OK we were all wrong...but I did get it correct on my second try haha. After showing the pics to a few biologists, the fish was confirmed by Robert Lea (author of Guide to the Coastal Marine Fishes of California, among other classics) to be a Greenspotted Rockfish.
Emails below.

Quote from: Bob
All three of you were on the correct path in selecting a rockfish in the subgenus Sebastomus.  However none of you were correct in identification of species.  Give it another try knowing it is not in the Rosy complex or a Freckled Rockfish (umbrosus complex).  The photo is excellent and should show the characters needed for identification.  Let me know what you come up with and I will provide further comment.  The species is one of the more photogenic rockfishes.   Best,  Bob

Quote from: PK
""Thanks for the info, guys. I am always intrigued by mystery fish.
BTW it didnít exhibit any visible signs of barotrauma, but I sent it back down with a Shelton Descender (after taking those 2 photos) because I was in approximately 200 feet of water.
My new guess, if itís not a freckled rockfish, is greenspotted rockfish.

Quote from: Bob
""Gents:  Greenspotted Rockfish, Sebastes chlorostictus, is the correct identification.  The photos had the coloration of a juvenile, which is beautiful.  Nice photos for ID.  Let's hope the fish makes it and can contribute to the Greenspotted population in the future.  This may be a good year for Treefish off central California.  Best,  Bob""
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I still say freckled.

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Toothed knobs on premaxillaries!!

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