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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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« Last Edit: September 12, 2015, 05:13:19 AM by VK »


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I'm happy your safe. If your fishing with a partner. It doesn't mean you have to be with in talking range. It is more of a safety thing. That you keep an eye on each other. Again Glad your safe.


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happy you are ok!


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sounds like you made a great decision, you ditched, in a safe manner, when you knew it was the best option. you are here to tell the tale, and that is the best part. you know i solo a lot/mostly, but, as I've said before, if i am free and you need a wingman, i will always be there. we don't need to be social to be safe  :smt002, cameron
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Well Stu, kayak fishing is a lifestyle, not a hobby, sometimes you have to look at the swell report and say "Hey bud let's party"

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It's good you had the opportunity to land on a different beach. Glad your safe.


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I'm really happy I'm not reading a sad story.
Glad you had an escape beach to land on. 
Stay safe.
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Hey Vic
You are way more important than your kayak or your equipment
Good choice my friend!
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 Im stoked to hear you are safe and I know the cove you speak of. Someone ditched there a couple of years ago too. Paddling skill is essential. See you soon Vic.
"I always entertain great hope" Robert Frost


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I'm the same with groups... and hook ups... for the same non-excuse.  :smt002  Thanks for writing this.  It's a good reminder/lesson that it's better to get off the water instead of pressing a bad situation.  Glad you're safe. 
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Good choice leaving the yak. It can be replace, lives can't. I do a lot of activities solo(hiking, running, biking, camping, shore fishing,etc) but when it comes to off-shore fishing I never ever go solo for many reasons. There are so many times I wanted to go solo because my buddies had plans on a good swell report but the fish is not worth the risk. glad you are ok and hope you get your yak back.


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Thanks for all the " glad your ok's"..but I gotta say what's on my mind..I Fu$&ed up.

What was I doing day dreaming out there... Doing something like that to my family damn!!!

Should have payed attention,came in earlier..
There are some very good kayak fishermen with lots of experience on this site.

A few have chimed in ,others PM'd me with some very good feed back... But a lot have said nothing and not that they have to , but....that speaks volumes to me..I saw their handles while reading responses.
I  imagine them shaking their heads thinking what an ass.. I ain't going out with that guy.....And to be honest maybe deservedly so... Even some newer members thinking the same. I want to be worthy of your trust and events like this don't help.

You know when someone comes in the shop and says their new to kayak fishing and wants to purchase tackle and gear I always end up talking safety and not fishing tackle .

I add safety items as I go myself after reading articles and talking with experienced kayakers ...I took advantage of an impromptu class given by Sean Morely and even before this was planning on another class but because of my schedule put it off . Time to really take my own advice

Ok so like I said I'm just really pissed at myself and just want to blow steam.. But that's what's on my mind .

Thanks for letting me vent
I don't think anyone is shaking their head at your story or judging you in a negative way. In fact I'd much rather go kayak fishing with someone like you who knows their limits and has a back up plan in case they can't make it back to the main launch. You can't control ocean conditions and they can change in a hurry and you knew the area well enough to know where to go in case things got nasty. To me that speaks volumes about your judgement on the water. We need more guys like you out there. Just my 2 cents


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I agree with PablitoPescador . Many folks would have tried pushing forward and ended up in the rocks or having to be rescued . Many other have had similar experiences and never spoke of them; nobody learned anything from those experiences. You shared your experience and people have/will learn something from it. Mistakes are GREAT, if you (and others) learn from them! Thanks for sharing this experience.
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Hey Vic,
Glad ur venting and not drowning
Sometimes I learn the best when I F#ck up. 
And man, I'm still learning!
Someday maybe we can hook-up and fish.

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I am glad you okey Bro!!!

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That wind was the real deal on Sat. I wanted to go south, but I told my son we will fish north,  and drift south to straight out from launch, then paddle back north. That way if need be or when we are done, we have the wind pushing us back in. Some guy showed up after we were blown off, unloaded and was going to go out, Itried talking him out of it.
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