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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: RBark No Longer Newbie Piece  (Read 1350 times)

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I enjoyed every bit of that read..


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Ryan is a kool dude in my book any day. Remember meeting him for the first time at ARW and he caught a leopard shark, he was thrilled. Great guy who loves this sport is becoming quite the kayak angler. Right on bro, like for many others on here, including myself, NCKA is a life saver.
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Yes, so nice  to be able to forward NCKA input.  Kayak Fishing Magazine goes out to the WORLD!!

And, this is the most heartfelt piece I've had the pleasure to publish.  Thanks for the attaboy to Ryan, everyone, he deserves it in spades.

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  NCKA Rocks !         :smt006
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Great story! Looking forward to fishing with you!
I'd rather be fishing...

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Commented on FB, not sure if you can see it but well done and we should hook up soon


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Loved your write up! I'm still a newbie and learning so much from this site, thanks to the contributions of great folks like you!

Hope to fish with you someday out at HMB.



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Thanks!!  :smt003

Always looking to fish with new people. Someday I'll hit up HMB, still never been! I'm hooked on Monterey Bay  :smt005
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Good read.   Different circumstances, but I know the feeling of being out of touch in your own life.   Kayak fishing really changed things for me too.  There's no going back! Lol


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Awesome write up! Got me stoked too! - Hope to meet and fish with you soon!
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awesome--always fun to fish with too....see you soon

celeb -and i know him..makes me cool --kind of lol
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