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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: "Kayak-Angst… "  (Read 1187 times)

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Maybe it comes from the fear that this is how they (the Inuit) provided for their family, kayak fishing & hunting, that pressure maybe with the idea that a particular type

of Inuit, really did not care to be out in the cold, all alone and just not his particular cup of tea, thus, resulting in distress and marked significant mental distress.

Where in this culture, and many others, kayak fishing provides relaxation and adventure, but if ya have noticed;  not many really stay in the "kayak guiding" business very long…  I can say for me, guiding for money...

I immediately notice that it changed my perspective about kayak fishing, now, my "vacation", was now my "vocation"…

which sounds like the dream, and maybe it can be, but for me, it put unwanted pressure on my kayak fishing experience and quickly got out of that business before it ruined something I like to do…

just a thought…  and carry on those who want to guide, I'm just speaking for myself ...
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