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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Outback vs revo  (Read 2733 times)

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If you live in HMB get the Revo 16.  You wont be disappointed.
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If you live in HMB get the Revo 16.  You wont be disappointed.

I was just thinking the same thing. I haven't driven an Outback or the regular Revo, but for big water (and especially trolling), I don't think you can beat the Revo 16. At the least, you should give it a pedal so you can compare.
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One thing I notice about the outback is the noise of the hull slap.when you come to a stop and your fishing the noise of the water slapping against the hull just gets under my skin
My biggest worry is that my wife(when I'm dead)will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it

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If you live in HMB get the Revo 16.  You wont be disappointed.

what is the significance about the revolution 16 in Half Moon Bay? I like HMB because it is very close. I have been thinking about the resolution 16.  with one ama, on it should be very stable.
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Yes definitely ! I would go for Revo. 16 .. Specially if you are going to fish most of the time in the ocean . And I have both of them . Revo. 16 and Outback 2015  .. and barely use my Outback since I bought it cause of the porpoising (SLAP) on rough water ..
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I have a Revo-16 and can say 1) I am almost entirely a salt guy, and 2) When I go out with other kayakers, even those in Revo-13's, they always comment on how fast my boat is.

More speed = greater range = cover more water = deeper & farther locations = more fish opportunities.


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I fish mostly fresh water and love my Outback.  Iím not real flexible and reaching behind me for rods, tackle boxes, and snacks is easy on the Outback.  Kneeling to take a leak is also easy.   And paddling with a short paddle in tight areas works well on the Outback. It does feel slow compared to my wifeís Revo. 

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I too have a Trident 13 which I still use
Tried the Outback and liked it after about 10 minutes to get the hang of things
I found the Revo 13 to tippy for me just sitting in roughish water. Fine moving
I am 240 lb Plus gear

I am looking at purchasing the Outback mainly due to stability for my self. $$$ is the hold back they are pricy

There is some strong competition coming up to challenge Hobie
Going to look at the Old Town
Looking  same with pedal power but mounting surfaces apear to be better??

CCK has a Hobie fishing event that would be good to do  Allows you 4-6 hours fishing time and you really get to see how they are Expensive for the day but best demo in town
I do understand why people like them after fishing out of for 4 hr  out of Ocean cove. The reverse is GREAT
Dont get rid of the trident. They still are best if going on long fish trip
GOOD luck


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Jackson's Coosa FD and Cruise FD are some fierce competition. I think with all this competition Hobie has now, this may create a price war. Better for us..