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Topic: Outback vs revo  (Read 2734 times)

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I'm wanting to make the big switch from a trident but wondering what are the pro's and con's of the outback and revo from first hand experience.
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Several threads on this over the years. There are plusses, minuses and proponents of each.  Try the search tool for some good info.
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There are a couple threads below on the same topic.  From what I gather..   Revo for ocean, and outback for lakes or flat water.

Both can do both conditions.  More space for gear etc. on sides and stable for outback.

I have a revo.. I think its pretty stable enough for ocean.  A bit more tipsy than my old tarpon, but I got use to it real quick.


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The Outback is nicer to crab from because there is more room.  You can also kneel on it to take a leak if the swells aren't too close together.  But, it's a slow, slappy ride.  You'll ride up every swell and then slam down the back side.

The Revo is narrower and feels like there's less space, but feels much more nimble while on the move.  It punches through chop instead of riding over it.

Both troll nicely, but the Revo is more efficient by design.  Quite frankly, stability isn't too much of a concern after about 10 minutes of seat time.  Outback has outstanding primary and secondary stability.  Revo has less primary stability but still excellent secondary stability.

Or... do what I did and just buy an AI    :smt003
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Definitely try them both out, and read up on the pro/con threads already done.  For me, Outback, but I fish freshwater 98% of the time.  If I was more of a saltwater guy I'd probably go with the Revo 16.


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having just come from a T13 to the Outback I am soooo impressed, its just so good. It doesn't have the rod storage under the deck capabilities, that's the only thing that is not better than the T13, way more stable than the T13.

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I went from t13 to a pro angler 12 and hated my first couple times out until I got one of the backwater hand paddles and that brought back the monuverabilty that I lost going to a hobie. I have now spent 3 days on ocean back in my trident 13 and caught some nice rock cod at van damn and Caspar. I am glad I kept the t13 but the hobie drives just are amazing. Going out to Albion tomorrow in the trusty trident 13 that has served me well for past 6 years 
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I was back and forth for about a year over outback or revo 13. I tested both numerous times. I'm about 75% freshwater and 25% salt. I ended up going with the revo 13 and am very pleased with it! Stability is great IMO. I spent a day of practice flipping it and recovering. It takes a lot more to flip than you would think! I keep the seat in the high position when I'm in freshwater and low in saltwater. Now that I own the revo I'm glad I went with it. The things that I thought I wanted in the outback weren't really there. Those were things like more storage and the ability to stand. If I really wanted those things then the pro angler would be the way to go! The revo is all day comfortable and very efficient. I've still fished, drift fished, trolled, and crabbed from it.

At any rate, test them both and see what you like 
-John (Threemoneyj is an anagram)


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I had the same problem.
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The Outback gets around just fine and has room to put bigger fish.  I have no problem keeping up with Revos in 11 and 13.

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The Outback gets around just fine and has room to put bigger fish.  I have no problem keeping up with Revos in 11 and 13.

But the real question is whether you could keep pace with yourself in a Revo ...

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I went from an Outback to a Revo 13.

Outback: very stable, I have to TRY to flip it.  Bow shape causes every wave you hit to cause a slapping sound.  Nice to have the rails on the sides, I used 'em a lot on the fly to temporarily hold small things.  I hated the bungee on the front hatch. 
I fished the Simply Fishing tournament last year in the Outback and it was really hard to paddle that fat tub around in 20mph wind.
I can maintain a steady 3mph with turbo fins, tops at 5mph.

Revo 13: A lighter boat for loading and hauling around on the beach.
Not as stable, much less primary stability.
I can paddle the Revo at 2.5mph - 3mph, can maintain 4mph with turbo fins and tops out at 6mph for short bursts.
Much narrower sides, but still wide enough to mount gear tracks to attach most anything you might need.
The narrowness with much sleaker nose allows the boat to track better, cuts waves and maintains speed better especially in the wind.

I wish they made a Revoback - sleek nose, but wider in the middle.
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I wish they made a Revoback - sleek nose, but wider in the middle.

thats exactly how i feel, i own both and love both but a hybrid between the two would be the best.

speed - i cant really tell the difference.
stability-- maybe little more for the outback
space--definately outback, thats a big thing for me i like to keep stuff on the side trays of the outback.
slap--thats where the revo rules over the outback--when in ocean and in the chop outback just slams the waves and revo just cuts through them


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I wish they made a Revoback - sleek nose, but wider in the middle.

slap--thats where the revo rules over the outback--when in ocean and in the chop outback just slams the waves and revo just cuts through them

The Outbook "slaps" some water on your face when cutting through those choppy waves.
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