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Topic: 2 Kayakers being recued in Bodega Bay  (Read 1696 times)

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His name was Nickolas Anast. He was a life sciences professor at Santa Rosa Jr. College.

Apparently he suffered some of distress then fell off the kayak. I'm thinking maybe he had a heart attack?

Supposedly he had a pfd on before he fell out. The news(ktvu) was saying it's not uncommon for a large or lose pfd to fall off in heavy surf?

Oh man I can't read this. This was one of my favorite teachers while I was at Napa JC. I am hoping it is the wrong person but his name is not commen. May he rest in peace.
Wow. Shocked. Nick was my first environmental science instructor at Napa Valley College nearly twenty years ago. His spirit and passion for the outdoors was on of the driving forces that send me down the environmental science road when I transferred on from there. Like vwool, I'm hoping its the wrong guy but this was right up his alley. Good soul, he'll surely be missed.

Looking at the conditions during the rescue/recovery, it really didn't look like anyone should have been out there. Pretty hairy.

Sad story either way.
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I really hope some more details surface. These tragedies can be priceless learning experiences for the rest of us.

I can only speculate, but...

- If he wasn't dressed for immersion and felt he needed to HURRY to shore, he may have taken off the PFD thinking he could swim faster without it.

-If the PFD fell off, it wasn't adjusted properly. The fact that the news says it's not uncommon for PFDs to fall off in heavy surf tells me that it's not uncommon for people to wear their PFDs incorrectly.

-If there were uncontrollable factors like heart attack, that just sucks... I don't know what to say....

So sad to read about yet another preventable tradegy.

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Aww man....that sucks.