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NCKA/HAC Hawg Trough Store: check first post for details

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139 troughs sold, 21 troughs available
NCKA Hawg Troughs now available at $20 each. Limited quantities. First come, first served.
Three ways to get your trough:

1.   NCKA Express (anyone traveling in your direction)
2.   Pick up from me.
3.   If you’re REALLY in a hurry for it, pay $9.00 for shipping (limited to available shipping boxes).

Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username (required), email address, and/or phone number, in case I have any questions regarding your request. If I can't get in touch with you, I will return your payment.

All proceeds go toward funding fishing trips for kids with cancer, one of Mooch's wishes.

Logos shown below. Measurement numbers are in black.

Hi, my name is polepole and I approve of this message.

Let it be known that Hojo is an authorized NCKA Hawg Trough dealer.  If you want an authentic NCKA Hawg Trough, speak now!


Speaking up!


Sign me up hojo


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