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Topic: Wtb heavy duty hobie scupper cart  (Read 981 times)

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Uminchu Naoaki

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With my PA, when ready to take out of the water, it is easy to pull it up on the beach just enough to roll it on it's side and slip the cart in the scupper holes.  Very easy.  Not a problem for me so I really don't understand what the complaints are about.  I USED to try to put it in the scupper holes while in the water, but the wheeleez float too much to do that well. 
I suppose if you have a bunch of crap in the Hobie, then rolling it on it's side might cause a yard sale, but I've got everything strapped down enough that it's not a bother for me. 

Taking off the trailer, I pull it off far enough to expose the scupper holes and again, roll it a bit on it's side (easier since it's half on/half off the trailer now than flat on the beach) and off we go! 

I'm gonna be 60 this year and if I can manage the scupper cart, then anyone can!  Ha!

Oh, I also have a saddle, style cart.  It's available for sale!  Looks like this;

Caleb, if you'd like to try my Hobie Wheeleez, I'm just up the road from you in Placerville area.  Maybe we can meet up at Natomas or Rancho Seco or something.
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I got the big wheeleez cart with a native mariner I bought today. Should I order the rail kit for use with the PA? I might be interested in trading for the Hobie plug in cart with the sand wheels.
The rail kit fits nicely with my outback otherwise I think there would be some side to side tilt.
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