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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Dead in here...  (Read 554 times)

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Dead at work and in this forum so here's some steelhead from the winter season. Picked up a few fish here and there. Tried to get a fish south of SF but I'm 0 for 4 tries down there. Fished the Upper Klamath last week, smaller fish on avg. but there are a lot of fish up there. Had one crazy double digit day on adults 20-24", all wild and a bunch of half pounders (kinda strange for this time of year).

Anyone else chasing steel? I'll be back at it in a couple weeks on the So.Ore coast looking for some bright chrome where you can still hear the ocean...
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Stuck at work dreaming I was in those pictures...looking at painting walls inside the house this weekend bleeaahhh! :smt012
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Nice fish.  I just need to post more of my fishing.  I do most in my float tube so wasn't sure anyone really wanted to see it.  Berryessa tomorrow and Yuba next weekend.
So long and thanks for all the fish!!!
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Went once on the SF, then rehab on the elbow and shoulder. Probably good enough now for the 2 handed if you want some company in OR. Me and the RV are ready to roll.
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Work and mother nature have not been lining up to good. Hopefully this Thursday can slid out and fish for saltwater perch up here on the Southern Oregon coast