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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Official Crabfest 2015 Report  (Read 4222 times)

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Thank you everyone who attended! My family and I had a blast.

Another Crabfest is in the books. Some may have called Crabfest 2015 “Windfest”, but those that stayed were rewarded with a beautiful afternoon. The two days before the event were beautiful and wind free, the temperature in the high 60’s. The day of the event was a different story, many awoke to gale force winds reported to be 27 knots. Over 100 kayak anglers still showed up to register and only a few ventured out, some decided to launch inside the harbor for their luck at catching a crab.

As the day progressed the wind started to calm and more anglers ventured out in hopes of bringing in the biggest crab. Those that didn’t head out did what NCKA does best; chill. It was a great site to see everyone hanging out having a great time despite the conditions. Just a little before noon it was time to set up for what some would call the best part of the day, the “potluck”. All of the awards were set up and raffle prizes were displayed for all to see and the food began to arrive. The potluck included so many dishes ranging from paella, carrot cake, elk meatballs to fresh made sushi. There was enough food to go around and nobody went home hungry.

Even though the conditions were not great, anglers still were able to bring crab to the weigh in table to compete. In total there were eight Rock crab and seven Dungeness crab that were brought in.  The biggest Rock crab went to Brian Turner, his rock crab measured in at 5.9” and weighed 1.26 lbs. Brian took home some Promar gear, a Hoo-Rag, and the biggest Rock crab plaque donated by Bill Perryman.
For Dungeness Crab, Third Place went to Eric Roberts “TexasBoy”, his crab measured in at 6.17” and weighed 1.5 lbs. Second Place went to Kenny Truong, his crab measured in at 6.22” and weighed 1.19 lbs. Both Eric and  Kenny took home various Promar traps/gear and a Hoo-Rag (the better bandanna). First place went to Sonny aka Sailfish, his Dungeness crab measured in at 6.82” and weighed in at 1.89 lbs. With the weather not being great Sonny decided to launch inside the harbor and it paid off for him. Sonny took home a collapsible Promar Trap, some Promar Gear, a Hoo-rag and the 2015 1st place plaque hand carved by Bill Perryman. 

After the awards were held the raffle commenced, where over $1000 was raised for www.dyf.org , prizes were donated from the sponsors of the event. The Sponsors of the event included Eddyline, Promar/Ahi, Yakattack, Headwaters Kayak Shop, Kokatat, Lowrance, Hoo-Rag, and Kala Brand Music. NCKA members ScottV, Trianglelaguna, and PakehaCherie were generous and donated items to the raffle as well.

The prize that everyone had their eye on was the Eddyline Caribbean 12. Everyone who registered the morning of the event received a raffle ticket for the kayak. At the end of the event a ticket was pulled and all but the last number were called. Ten hopeful participants touched the kayak in hopes of taking it home and as the last number was called only one had a bigger smile. The brand new Eddyline went to a new member of NCKA known as Grim Reefer from Fresno.

A big thank you goes to all the sponsors and all those that helped out in various ways. This years artwork was a hit and was completed by Amadeo Bachar, his work can be seen at www.abachar.com. The biggest thank you goes to my wife Narisa, who has been supportive of this event since day one. She has helped with so much that goes on behind the scenes. I am looking forward to next year’s event and am looking at changing things up a bit. Please stay tuned for more info.

Please post your pics and report here. I will post winners when I get home.

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Thanks Victor for all your hard work putting on such a fun event. Maybe next year some one could remind the crab so they could show up.


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had a good time meeting everyone and got to take some fun pics fri and sat as folks rolled in and got set up...will post em up tomorrow

Thanks for everything Vic and headwaters and all who chipped in...great to see everyone...
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Thanks Victor for all your hard work putting on such a fun event. Maybe next year some one could remind the crab so they could show up.
That's what I was thinking.  :smt003 I was happy for one day otw. Bummed that I missed out on the potluck though, and the raffle. I enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting some new folks. We had a good dinner Saturday even without the crab. BBQ some oysters and made some clam chowder. Sharon found a crab in one her oysters. I guess they live in oysters on the east coast. The wind was pretty fierce. That is my first time experiencing Blowdega. I still have almost all my bait left so I'm looking for a crabbing meetup real soon.  :smt006

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Awesome time today at windfest 2015!
Met lots of cool folks.
Thanks again, Victor, for putting on a rip roaring good time.
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It was windy
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It was fun though
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It was so good to see everyone. I'll never miss another one.
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Thanks Victor and Dan!!!!
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I was really bummed (at myself) for not going to crabfest.. meeting all the gang, playing ukulele in the moonlight, feasting on exotic food...
I KNOW you guys did all that...
But i want to thank you for lying to me.. telling me there were not crab and too much wind.  The pictures of flattened tents were especially cool (how did you do that?).

thanks guys. You're just tits!



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I like that Blodega, Windfest ...Doran has a new nickname
Thanks Victor for the good show! :smt007
Nice job Sonny on the win.
and Iwas lucky enough to bring home dinner :smt001
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Had a relaxing day at the beach with a bunch of good friends. Just what the doctor ordered.
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Sad I missed it guys & gals.  Looks like it was a good time despite the wind.  Congrats all!