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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Kilroy camo cover  (Read 947 times)

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So far I have only been a lurker on here, but the recent addition to my sons Kilroy has pushed me to make  a post.  He won this kayak through the awesome folks of Headwaters in Redding.  Jackson recently started producing a camo cover for the Kilroy and ordered one as soon as I could.  Put it on and got him on the water today.  Only got into coots but the boat looked awesome.  If the craft is pulled into a brushy area or island it really blends in.

Con-The only thing that could make it a better cover would be elastic webbing/cordage sewn around at deck level for attaching reeds or synthetic grass. 
Pro-It is a lightweight cover that fits to the water line and covers enough of the boat to conceal any color Kilroy you might have. 

 A quick PVC canopy built up and blanketed over the paddler helps break up the shooters outline.


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How much was the cover??
What's the material?


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It is a nice cover. I have hunted with ATD and the cover blends in well.
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It was $179+tax.  1000D cordura nylon, but folds up pretty small and is lightweight.  It blended really well with the murky waters in the Redding area.  The cutouts for the handles and tracks do not expose too much of the hull color but are plenty big enough to access any gear or handle.