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Topic: Pt. Lopez South Saturday 5.14  (Read 749 times)

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Lodd Hammercy

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I do all my Nor Cal stuff two weeks in advance b/c of the airfare I've gotta buy, living in socal now and commuting back bimonthly.  

Who's up for rockfish on 5.14 saturday?  I want to get in on that Limekiln action with Chef et al.  

Additionally, Kristal's going to go out to dinner for a BDay party with her friends so she gave me free reign of the pad.  Was thinking about doing fish taco night or RCG Complex BBQ night or a combo.  We could make it the first official NCKA.org breaking of bread or something.  

Anyways, I'm definitely headed down to get some RCG (+2 lings above 24") that date so let's set up a carpool for people and save gas.


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Yakuza, if I don't hit Limekiln this Saturday, then I may join you on the 14th.

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it all goes right i am in on the 14th. chuck this satuday i can't go but sunday if the weather holds i can , but then again tide and moon phase will be better next week, but then again down there that does'nt alawys matter chefstefano
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