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Topic: whats up guys?! new to kayak fishing....  (Read 564 times)

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Living in the bay, I feel lucky to have the opportunity of great fishing. My father taught me young to appreciate the beauty surrounding me everyday and that the ocean is awesome. thus, upon coming of age where I could fish on my own, my passion took off. I'm only 22, but I know that I'll be on the water til I'm dead. I've only recently discovered this new form of fishing, unbeknownst to those stuck to the shore or boat. Kayaking is a way for me to nail the fish independently, in the open ocean....and i couldn't be any more excited. I have an ocean kayak handed down from my father but even with all this talk, I've never taken it out yet! Reason mainly being my lack of companionship on the water.. I don't know anybody!  So.. if anybody has any spare friendship they could offer and take me out, that'd be great. I'm pretty confident in my kayaking abilities, albeit my experience, since I'm a surfer. and I'm also very into crabbing and frequent fort point pier. Anyways, heres my intro and thanks for the add cuz I'm stoked :smt004
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Love the enthusiasm and energy. Welcome !
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Welcome!  You will find a bunch of folks that also surf, including myself.  The love for the ocean is a common thread that I've noticed on this forum.  Can't beat a day on or in the water!  Being new to forums myself I too am looking for more fishing buddies.  Where do you usually fish?

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typically i'll fish north bay...at any given time you may see me off the 101 underneath richardson bay bridge, hitting the stripers or whatever else is out there that day :smt003  but I haven't taken my yak out yet, so i haven't fished any locations past the break, but i'd LOVE to go grab my limits of rockfish and a nice ling sometime
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Welcome to NCKA saltykid  :smt006
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