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Topic: PipeFish  (Read 2174 times)

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Check out this cool little PipeFish I got to play with the other day!

Great camoflauge!!




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I'd show the video of my pipefish but I'm afraid snapchat would leak it  :smt044


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way cool Jim!
As a little kid I had a couple that i found washed up dead after big storms. I dried them in the sun like seahorses and had them in a glass case for years. To see them alive is really special.
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never knew of such a thing!....cute lil' pipefish
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To see them alive is really special.

I know right?!?

I was laying on the surface breathing up and looking down through the kelp and relaxing...and my eyes picked out his body and tail...

I was like WTF is that? Seahorse?  Dove down and there he was...couldn't find him again after that brief encounter though...looks just like a little kelp frond!





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Big schools of them off lovers point.. Cool looking things....
..........Sincerly A-Hull Muggle.


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yeah thats cool,,,very cool
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Ive been scuba diving for 25 years and free diving about 5 years and never saw one of those until this past August at Shelter Cove. It was only about 2 inches long with a seahorse face. Tried describing it to people back on land but no one knew what I was talking about.

Thanks for the ID and the vid.

Cool little fish  :smt001
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That was a  cool dive Bigjim! I wish i could hold my breath that long :smt001 I can't believe you didn't  eat that pipefish :smt001

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Man, good eye spotting that little guy. Your videos give off the feeling that you are just completely relaxed out there, movements are smooth and graceful. Not like if I were to film my dives where it is as fast to the bottom as I can, quick pop of an ab and racing back to the surface.LOL
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Cabbie with a migraine, LOL.


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What a trip! Soft hands on the pipefish. Cool footage Jim!
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You sure make a minute seem like along time.
Oh wait. Underwater it is!


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Pipefish are in the same family as  seahorses
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So, with those pipefish...do you recommend a treble-hook stinger or just straight nose hooked?
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