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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Keeping The Bar At My Height  (Read 954 times)

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First red! A nice 145+ pointer to add to DOTY, but no lead change! Just happy to get it! I spent an hour and a half looking for grassys after this (last on my DOTY hit list), and that didn't work out for me... I'm really confused about why I haven't been able to get a grassy this year.....

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porky (bp)

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I can put you on A grassie... Hit me up next time, I will take you to my grassie spot.
..........Sincerly A-Hull Muggle.


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Thanks guys, and thanks for the offer!

My first taste of red fever was fuzz spotted one in back in April at around 45ft and said "there's a vermillion in this general vicinity". I couldn't find it after 5 dives, and he kept seeing it. Eventually I gave up on DOTY and asked for the specifics, and still couldn't find it. The next taste was with StinkyPete. I saw it, knew exactly what it was, but waited a second too long to shoot and it spooked. Trying to chase down a fish at 55ft when your heart's pumping is no easy feat, and I was too excited to be at all useful on the next dives. I had dreams about that fish for a few nights.

For the next few months I started diving deep, figuring that I was just diving too shallow to find them. On one day in particular I was consistently diving in the high 60s low 70s, but everything in that area was just barren. At some point I decided that it wasn't the depth, but the location, and I started to do my research.

Sunday came, I saw my window of opportunity, and took it! I chose a spot that I hadn't heard of anyone diving before, chose a buddy who doesn't have GPS, and put in the paddle time. Glad I did!

nelson kwok

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Congrats on the red Jeremy. Firsts are always special.

For grass rockfish, look for them shallow. The one I shot on Sunday was around 20 feet.


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"Keeping the bar at my height" lol. Good work Jeremy!

Nick F

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Nice, Jeremy! I just saw this report... so belated congratulations on a beautiful red!

I think, out of all the fish I've targeted, grass rockfish are the least conspicuous. Every other fish has a color or pattern or profile that grabs my attention... but I just swim right by those grassies. Even the one I shot this year, I saw it and started to move on... and it was just luck that something clicked in the back of my mind, "wait, was that a fish I'm looking for?"

I've no doubt, though, you'll finish off your hit list very soon.


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"wait, was that a fish I'm looking for?"

Maybe they have jedi mind powers...

"These are not the fish you are looking for".





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LOL. Belated thanks guys!

I think all the grassy's have been playing mind tricks on me, and convincing me that I should be shooting kelpies instead...