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Topic: New and trying to be a sponge  (Read 1296 times)

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Hello all. I'm Dustin. Trying to research and learn as much as I can before I buy a kayak to start doing more lake fishing. I'm mainly a stream fly fisherman. Looking forward to trying it on the lake and maybe venturing out to the deep blue sea in time.

I'm living in the East Bay and can't wait to get started. So much that my wife is starting to get tired of me talking about it. Nice to a part of the group.


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Welcome to the club.  Take your time with the yak decision, but get on the water as soon as you can.  You're gonna love it.   :smt001
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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Nice to have you around Dustin!
 :smt006 , Amos
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Welcome to NCKA Dustin  :smt006
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Welcome to the madness Dustin and try before you buy.  Feel free to rent or go to a dealer, there are a few on here.  Safety first, and don't be afraid to ask, no question is stupid.  We are all green once.
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I just moved to the East Bay and am also a fly fisherman. Let me know if you are ever looking for someone to go out fishing with.


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Welcome to the site.  :smt006
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Cant go wrong with the cool folks on this forum. I will bet that everyone here has bought a kayak only to find they found another that suited them better so taking your time to demo and research is prolly the best info besides saftey issues. Welcome.


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Welcome Dustin,
If ur wife thinks ur talking about yak fishing alot, just wait till u catch ur first Ling!
Have fun!
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Good to have you here Dustin!!


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Welcome Spongebob!

One F

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Welcome Dustin!  My shop up in Ukiah, Pacific Outfitters, has both Hobie and Ocean Kayak models for rent.  Definitely try before you buy!  Plus, I'll take you out on Lake Mendocino and out you on some killer fish!
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Cant go wrong with the cool folks on this forum. I will bet that everyone here has bought a kayak only to find they found another that suited them better so taking your time to demo and research is prolly the best info besides saftey issues. Welcome.

Truer words never spoken. Do check out the many options, but if you buy and it doesn't work for you, sell it and try again. There will be someone out there who needs exactly what you are offering.
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Welcome! I'm a total newb as well. You're not to far from Sunrise Mountain Sports which is where I got my Tarpon for a steal. They had a huge sale about a month ago and still have some left over, or at least did when I got my Tarpon. Ask for Phil and tell him Bryan sent you!

California Kayak in Oakland does rentals; they have Hobies with Mirage Drives as well as others. You'll have to call them for details ( (510) 893-7833).

Kayak City/Adventure Sports in Oakley does rentals and has tarpon 120s and I believe at least one Trident 13. (925 625 5601).

There are also Kayak rentals at Shadow Cliffs, though of unknown type: http://www.rockymountainrec.com/lakes/shadow-cliffs.htm

I'm planning to try and do a tour of all the lakes and reservoirs in the area once I pick up a few remaining bits and bobbles. Apparently the fishing is good at Del Valle, Shadow Cliffs and Lake Chabot.  Feel free to PM me if you're interested in tagging along and watching me pretend I have any clue what I'm doing.


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