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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: I scored!!!!  (Read 1526 times)

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So I was at some lame spaghetti feed and silent auction at the local elementary school showing my support by forking out a bunch of money for cold food...After wolfing down my kindergarten-sized meal I decided to take a look at the auction tables without a hope of finding anything remotely interesting.  After walking pass a cubic butt-ton of flower baskets, terrible watercolors, and bland pottery I saw it.  I had to rub my eyes and do a double take before I could believe it.  A 4-piece Redington 5 weight fly rod with reel and hard case.  Starting bid...$50.  I put my name down and walked away with chest pounding and legs shaking.  With the crowd I was a part of, I knew it was going to go cheap.  It was like holding a royal flush.  I had to play it cool.  I left the auction and came back with 20 minutes to go.  The next highest bid was $53.  I waited until the 2 minute mark, wrote down $54 and hovered nearby waving my ink pen like a saber until the time expired.  That setup is worth at least $200 if not more.  I have never written a check so fast.  I also scored with golf for 2 at Laguna Seca for under $30.  I might have to be a little more optimistic next time I go to some painful fundraiser.

I have flyfished quite a bit on rivers in Alaska and Oregon but have never done it from a kayak.   I saw a guy at stillwater cove catching olives and blues on the fly from a yak a while ago.  Looked like a blast.

I'm stoked...had to share the good news.


P.S.  I'll post a thread when I have the date down, but I'm looking to hit Lake San Antonio for stripers soon.  Come and join me.


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Good score. I got some kayaks the same way a few years ago. They had two OK Dawn Trakkers up for bid. I thought I was going to get them for a couple hundred but some woman get bidding me up. Still got a deal. Got the two of them for $500. Great little yaks for going out cruising. Too small for me for fishing but my wife has used them for fishing.


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You beat me out  :smt013 .  I was the one who bid $51 and $53 but then I left and asked my wife to keep an eye out.  Anyway it was good for the school.  Congratulations.


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sorry sackyak!  I wish I would have known you were there.  I'll rent it to you any time.   :smt043

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Congrats on a great rod. I used a Redington 8 and a 9 wt for a few years untl I replaced them wih sages.
I thought redington at least the ones I used were over weighted . For instance I could cast a 10wt line on my 8 wt easly. and for the most part it felt like a 10wt. but that was a ew years ago. As for casting flys in the salt from a yak. It doesn't get any better. However I don't use anything less than an 8wt. once again congrats.
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Yeah, Nomad

If you can get out into Carmel Bay the olives are flying after anything on the surface.
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