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Topic: 1st Post - New NCKA Member targeting Capitola & Santa Cruz  (Read 350 times)

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Hello NCKA!

New member here.  I am targeting ocean fish primarily and I have a 20+ year history canoe fishing the kelp beds north of Capitola and Salmon fishing off of party boats out of Monterey.

I bought a Hobie Pro Angler 14 at the beginning of May and have already had it in the ocean 3 times with plans to go again this weekend (2 weeks in a row).  My fishing success has been hit and miss but the boating part of my days has been fun enough. 

I have been launching off of the boat dock at the end of the Capitola Pier.  It is challenging to get the big PA down the ramp to the dock but my I can manage with help from my brother-in-law.   My plan is to build or buy a narrow kayak cart that allows me turn the PA onto its side so I can roll it down the ramp (ramp is narrow). 

Nice to meet you all...

Doug S.


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Welcome to Ncka!  :smt006
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You might want to try launching from the Santa Cruz harbor at the "A" dock (near Aldo's). That's an easy place to launch and plenty of fish are within reach.
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On the Cap Pier, Ed and crew will lower your PA into the water and pull it out of the water using their crane for $5, when you get sick of carrying it up and down the ramp.  Welcome to the Madness Doug!!! 
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Thanks for the launch tips.   
I fish with my brother-in-law who is still stuck in a canoe and he likes the protection of Capitola.  He is looking for a PA now so we may be investing in a trailer soon.  Hopefully we can get something small enough it can stay on the Capitola wharf while we fish.

I was at Aldo's last week and I saw the kayak area.  The am not real familiar with that side of Soquel Point but I will make it there soon. 

Thanks to all...


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Welcome to NCKA Doug  :smt006
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