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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Double Haul At Crowley Lake  (Read 1520 times)

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 Double Haul In The Fall 2006 is less then a week away away. Kayakers and tubers will once again all fish the same waters and all crafts will be allowed to use fishfinders.
For any of you yak fishermen that are coming to the tournament for the first time or perhaps some of you tubers that
 have switched to a kayak. Here are a few suggestions how to set up a kayak for flyfishing.
 Line control in a yak is extremely important and a fact that dictates how I rig my kayak. A neat uncluttered cockpit in your kayak is a built in stripping basket. Rod holders, paddle clips, fishing crate can be installed on the kayak behind where you sit
 within reach. Photo.
 Some suggested accessories. Scotty’s 256 triple rod holder
 sure makes installing simple. Drill one hole install one mount and you have a holder for three rods or two rods and a net(very Important). You’ll want a holder for your net as well as your rod.
 My personal preference is a long handle net, I keep it in a holder right behind my seat, so I can reach back and grab it without looking.
 Casting from a kayak: when you cast from a kayak from a kayak cast at an angle not straight over head, it’ll keep the hook out of you. One of the many pluses of kayak fishing is you can make the wind work for you, mark where the fish are on your finder, position your self where the wind will be at your back, and remember to angle your cast. One more thing, when you’re casting in a yak, at all times watch your back cast.
 Gear: For fishing lakes for trout, I like two set ups, The first one a six wt set up with a full sinking line or one of the new sink tip lines that are on the market. I’ve been using the new Streamer Express Lines made by Scientific Anglers. Excellent lake lines, they cast well and they get down quick. This is the setup I use for nymphs and streamers.
 My second set up is another six wt set up with a full floating line.
I’ll use this set up for topwater and anything ten feet below the surface, for techniques such as miging.

 Midges are a popular pattern with fishermen and trout.. Miging is a good technique in water no deeper then 12ft any deeper it gets difficult. A good set up is a nine foot leader with a adjustable indicator and a emerger tied on the end with a mige pattern16 inches below that. Lane from Crowley Lake Fish Camp said the best way to adjust your indicator is to clip a pair of hemostats to the mige and let it sink to the bottom then adjust your indicator for the right depth. you’ll want to work your mige a foot off the bottom. The size and color depends on the hatch going on at the time.
 Sizes 16-20 . colors rust, black or olive. Popular Crowley Lake patterns are zebras and tigers.
 Streamers--(Wooly buggers) in sizes 12--16.
 colors olive, black and rust.
 The Panocher, my fly mentioned earlier. I designed to imitate the fry of various fish. Size and color will depend on the fry of the fish you want mimic. This particular recipe is for the fry of the Sacramento Perch, a popular meal with Crowley’s big trout.
 Recipe-tail: hook: size14-12 bead or cone-brass
Thread:6/0 blood red
Tail: olive maribou
 Back:peacock herl back, mixed with a peacock colored
 kristal flash for strength.
 Hackle: grizzley (I use a size larger)
 Body: rainbow color chenillel, medium.
 Throat: Flatwax Danville blood red.

I will be doing on the water demos through out the day due to the fact that I will be one of the judges.
Go to the WON web site for application and more info
Why Do I paddle a kayak instead of a float tube or a pontoon boat? I like seeing where I'm going not where I've been!
Paddle safe and wrap'em tight.
Rickey Noel Mitchell http://www.paddleandflies.com